7 thoughts on “A lighter, but still serious, side of the rally

  1. “Mr. Parnas and Mr. Fruman donated $325,000 in the name of a newly-created energy company, Global Energy Producers, to a pro-Trump super PAC, America First Action, with which Mr. Hicks and Mr. Ahearn were affiliated.

    In February, Mr. Hicks sent Mr. Parnas a video of a segment on the conservative television channel One America News Network that criticized a Ukrainian lawmaker who disseminated information about cash payments earmarked for Mr. Manafort by a Russia-aligned Ukrainian political party.“

    Hicks went on to become co-chair of the RNC.

    Russian money to Trump’s party.

    Yes, some money was siphoned off by two other players to influence marijuana legislation.

    The Russians are playing us, and you, like a sweet musical instrument.

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    1. You shouldn’t rely on the fakestream media for anything. This is from the actual SDNY indictment.

      Beginning in or around July 2018, PARNAS, FRUMAN, CORREIA, and KUKUSHKIN made plans to form a recreational marijuana business (the “Business Venture”) that would be funded by Foreign National-1, a Russian national, and required gaining access to retail marijuana licenses in particular states, including Nevada (the “Business Venture”). To further the Business Venture, PARNAS, FRUMAN, CORREIA, and KUKUSHKIN planned to use Foreign National-1 as a source of funding for donations and contributions to state and federal candidates and politicians in Nevada, New York, and other states to facilitate acquisitions of retail marijuana licenses.


      1. RE: You shouldn’t rely on the fakestream media for anything. This is from the actual SDNY indictment.”

        Good point.

        There is little reason to believe Parnas has anything relevant to say in the impeachment trial. He certainly hasn’t promised to provide any direct, personal knowledge of anything that might be material to the case at hand. He may, in fact, be a trap set for Democrats to fall into, since any testimony he might give would lead to calling other witnesses.


  2. Speaking of drugs and drug-induced political parties…

    Has anyone else noticed the TV ad for Celebrity Cruises is using Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” as their theme song? Just what the Hell are they adding to the sugar cubes on those cruise ships?

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