CBS News: Nancy Pelosi speaks as pressure mounts over impeachment trial

As I watched the Speaker a few moments ago, I kept thinking, “These people are sick.”

We have at present a hopeful situation in the Middle East that the president engineered. Iran’s regional ambitions are humbled, for the moment, and a de-escalation of tensions and eventual return to diplomacy are the most probable outcomes. Most people would call this a success, but the Democrats see it as a chance to grab at power and take credit for conditions they didn’t create.

That’s not how it is supposed to work.

14 thoughts on “CBS News: Nancy Pelosi speaks as pressure mounts over impeachment trial

  1. “…a de-escalation of tensions and eventual return to diplomacy.”

    In other words, go back to what we had before Trump trashed everything.

    Just like the trade war, the nuclear “negotiations” with North Korea and NAFTA (a renaming with a few minor tweaks).

    Trump creates a crisis, then purports to solve it.

    Reminds me of a serial arsonist who sets fires, then calls the Fire Department.

    I agree, some people are “sick”, but it ain’t Pelosi or the Democrats.

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    1. RE: “In other words, go back to what we had before Trump trashed everything.”

      What a fanciful thing to say. What we had before Trump was continual escalation of conflicts in the Middle East.


      1. And Trump was part of that for the last 3 years. More troops, more missiles to the Saudis for Yemen slaughter, more bombs sold.

        Then trash the nuclear agreement.

        Trump created or escalated the messes and now he wants to be a friggin’ hero for what? That Iran’s missiles missed killing our servicemen?

        That is reality, not fantasy.

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        1. RE: “That is reality, not fantasy.”

          Nope. It is fantasy, not reality. The reality is that ISIS didn’t exist until the prior administration created it. The current administration destroyed it. The Syrian civil war escalated over a number of years under the prior administration, until the current administration stopped feeding it. The Middle East was becoming more dangerous, not less, until the current administration.


      2. Oh, let’s not forget that is was Suleimani’s Shia Militias along with the Kurds that defeated ISIS on our behalf and with our air power.

        Then we dump the Kurds and assassinate Suleimani.

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  2. @Roberts

    Your comments are more delusional than ever. Iran has come out on top after this self-inflicted American wound engineered by Trump. For starters, as a direct result of this criminal assassination, the Iraqi parliament unanimously voted to remove American forces from their country. That is the OPPOSITE of Iran’s ambitions being humbled. That is not a success. It is a failure. Made even worse by Trump threatening sanctions against the government of Iraq that we put in place.

    Why do I say “criminal?” Because the claim that there was an imminent threat to America is now known to be totally bogus. Just ask Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah). The President failed to follow the law – the War Powers Act – which provides that the president can send the U.S. Armed Forces into action abroad ONLY by declaration of war by Congress, “statutory authorization,” or in case of “a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.”

    None of these three conditions were met – the assassination was a crime – a crime made more heinous by the fact that the victim was on a diplomatic mission to ease tensions when he was murdered.

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    1. RE: “Because the claim that there was an imminent threat to America is now known to be totally bogus.”

      Hardly, but that’s not the legal or constitutional test, in any case. The president complied fully with the War Powers act.


  3. History is replete with examples of when assassination of leading political figures has resulted in deescalation of violence and a cessation of war. For example, there was the time when the Lone Ranger sneaked into the Indian camp and killed the chief, and all of the braves went home to the reservation to select a new chief.

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    1. I apologize. I am mocking you. Of course, there is only one thing worthy of mockery, and I’ll let you decide what that is.

      But there are examples in history of successful assassinations that end conflicts. ADM Yamamoto comes to mind. His death brought a swift end to the Pacific War in WWII. Well, his death, two more years of island hopping and two nuclear weapons.

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