Silly with everything else that is going on…

I just wonder how New York State will feel about appropriating the Interstate number that is used for the NY Thruway. Or will they eventually connect the two?

Interstate 87 begins in Suffern, NY and ends at the US-Canadian border between Champlain, NY and Blackpool, Canada. Isn’t the numbering system established to avoid that?

11 thoughts on “Silly with everything else that is going on…

  1. Dammit! They’re going to screw up Rte. 17 to save, what?, 10 minutes!

    Extend I-85 from Petersburg to Portsmouth along the Rte. 10 corridor and you’re done. You then have a road that you can run full-tilt boogy from Norfolk to Montgomery, Ala. PLUS, it’s high ground all the way.


    1. Wasn’t that part of McConnell’s boondoggle that went nowhere? That was 460 though.

      “PLUS, it’s high ground all the way.” Is it also downhill in both directions?

      And I am semi-serious about the numbering issue.


      1. Rte 10 is on higher ground than Rte. 460, which really does go through a swamp or two.

        Now, Rte. 460 has the advantage that it links Suffolk to the artery, but in all honesty, they already have Rte 58 and 460. The idea is to link Norfolk/Hampton with a more direct and shorter route and I doubt that route is 10 minutes shorter. Time to beat 3 and 1/2 hours.


  2. RE: “Isn’t the numbering system established to avoid that?”

    Not really. Wikipedia has an article on the subject, if you’re interested.

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      1. Nevertheless, the real problem with the Interstate road system is that it isn’t

        In many places, it’s an Intercity road system, and in some places, e.g., Atlanta, DC, etc., it’s an Intracity roadway.

        I would bet a dollar to a dime, that at any given time on the entirety of the US Interstate highway system, the majority of automobiles and trucks under 18′ are going to a destination of fewer than 10 miles.

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        1. A lot of what you are talking about are bypasses around cities (Think the Beltway in DC). Depends on what time of day you are travelling, but sometimes going AROUND a city is better than through.


    1. With all of the other discussions, I’m not sure if you will reply.

      Fought through the Wiki article you suggested. Lots of inconsistencies. By what I read I-264 should have started with an ODD number as it is a spur off of the main road (I-64).

      And in the case of I-87 from Chesapeake to Raleigh, it looks like a short route that should also have a 3 digit designation.

      In all honesty, you and I will probably be dead and gone by the time they get it built.


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