The Ratf-ker Returns

Realizing he can’t win the race for Senate, he’s baaaack. Dirty Tricks Taylor running for his old seat. Watch out Ben Loyola – as a Trump acolyte, I imagine Taylor will take a page from Trump’s primary campaign and accuse your father of working with Fidel Castro to assassinate JFK.

Taylor will likely have the backing of Eddie Gallagher, fellow SEAL and war criminal, as well as the SEAL platoon kicked out of Iraq for drunk conduct, the druggies from SEAL team 10, and SEALs Adam Matthews (murderer) and Kyle Seerden (pederast) will probably be supporting him from their jail cells.

It will be interesting to see who Rocky Holcomb, Tina Mapes and Ken Stolle back this time. After all, they participated in Taylor’s dirty tricks back in 2018, signing the bogus petitions for Shaun Brown and allowing them to be passed around the sheriff’s office, apparently conducting political activities on the taxpayer’s dime. By the way – will we ever get the full story on this? Will the independent prosecutor ever issue a full report, or just cover it up with the fig leaf of indicting Lauren Creekmore? Apparently the Virginian-Pilot can’t find the time to follow up and do its job on this story.

12 thoughts on “The Ratf-ker Returns

  1. Daniel Gades is a better candidate for the Senate seat, he should easily defeat Warner after Northam’s rural voter registration and get out the vote drive.

    Taylor should be able to take out Luria, largely for the same reason.


    1. Disagree on two points.

      First – Scott Rigel has endorsed Ben Loyola.

      Second, Taylor has kicked off his campaign by alienating 50% of the population by referring to Luria and other female freshman Democrats as “these girls”. Nice job Scott, misogyny at its finest.

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    2. No matter how many register in the rural areas, in a statewide race, there will not be enough. But you can keep dreaming.

      The only way Taylor wins is if Shaun Brown runs as an independent and Taylor and his staff sign petitions to get her on the ballot. Oh, wait. He tried that once.


  2. Don’t be surprised if Rocky actually throws his hat in the ring also. He seems unhappy s a deputy and keeps running for other offices.

    And your question about the final story on Taylor’s actions (and those on his staff) is spot on. The final report seems overdue.

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    1. I do apologize if the language is uncivil. However, I meant the word in its dictionary definition form, not as a slur.

      1. In politics, the use of “dirty tricks” to discredit or undermine one’s opponent(s). This often takes the form of false or semi-false accusations spread through underhanded means. The term was coined in the 1960s by Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Woodward. The art of rat-g was brought into the public eye by Karl Rove. Among his rat-g accomplishments are the 2000 GOP South Carolina primary and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

      To engage in such unethical conduct as to conduct a campaign to put a three-time fraudster (federal government contracting fraud, election finance fraud, election filing fraud as to her address) on the ballot in the hopes of splitting the Democratic vote certainly qualifies.

      Indeed, think of the political calculus here: what is the reason to spend the $$ and man-hours to get Brown on the ballot? And why did the VA Beach Republican party – including Holcomb, Mapp, Stolle, DeSteph, etc. sign those petitions? Why did they have almost 50 members of the Virginia Beach sheriff’s office sign that petition?

      When this was done, she was being tried for fraud against the federal government. Had already been fined for a bogus campaign finance filing stating she had loaned her campaign a non-existent $700K. Her primary campaign had conducted no advertising – print/tv/radio. Had held no campaign events; she never even went on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis. Facebook page hadn’t had an update in months, nor her campaign website.

      There is simply no justification for perpetrating a false campaign to put someone like this on the ballot. It’s disgraceful, and to even think that he would just turn around and run again in the same district 2 years later is just a slap in the face to voters of the 2nd district.

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      1. Vote splitting is not new, and both parties do it. The Democrats are just better at it.

        The last real Libertarian to run for governor was Bill Repath in 2001. Since then, when we have had a candidate for senator or governor, it has been someone we never heard of before who showed up with an organization and funding of unknown origin who wanted our nomination. Many Libertarians are so desperate to have candidates they would nominate a basset hound if he had backers.

        I fell for it the first time Robert Sarvis ran for Governor, but after we learned his campaign was funded by ab Obama bundler, I got skeptical. I opposed his run for Senate and and the later run by Cliff Hyra. Sarvis is likely the reason Warner won his Senate seat and McAuliffe was governor, though it is not possible to know for sure. Hyra didn’t cover the spread, and he may have pulled as many Democrat votes as GOP votes because of his marijuana emphasis.

        So, Taylor’s effort to split the vote(or to be more accurate, his permission for some campaign employees to do so) was far more clumsy than the Democrats’ hijacking of the Libertarian party, but he didn’t invent the tactic.

        If Taylor participated in the fraud part, I would agree that would be a disqualifier for me, but assisting a vote splitter is an old political dirty trick that has become standard practice.


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