34 thoughts on “Unz: The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Race & Racial Differences

          1. RE: “His numbers are sound, but he erroneously concludes that any discrepancy must simply be genetic.”

            You should read your own source. Beginning in the fifth paragraph with the words, “Let us be clear, then” your own source refutes your assessment of Murray’s work.

            Various linkages between race, IQ and genetics are today widely accepted by mainstream science. Because popular discussion of these matters has not caught up with the established science is, in fact, one reason I shared the Unz article.


          2. That was worded clumsily. What I meant was more like “he seems to begin with the premise that racism isn’t much of a confounding variable, and only makes reference to genetics or environment as possible causal variables.” Ignoring racism in a study like that is, to put it mildly, bullshit.

            The reason popular discussion hasn’t “caught up” with those still doing race science is that most of us want to alleviate the effects of racism rather than trying to RetCon racism away as part of the conservative project.

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          3. RE: “The reason popular discussion hasn’t ‘caught up’ with those still doing race science is that most of us want to alleviate the effects of racism”

            And yet, suppressing or denying valid science only perpetuates ignorance, which is a necessary precondition for racism itself.


          4. @Jimmy

            So what? If you have something to say, the burden is on you to say it. So far, you haven’t said anything.


          5. Chimpanzees and gorillas have thin and narrow lips.
            White people have thin and narrow lips, black people don’t.
            Therefore white people are less evolved.

            Perfectly sound observations. Conclusion? Maybe not so much. Maybe.

            Now, as to the Bell Curve, since Liberals tend to run the colleges and universities, where does that put Conservatives?

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          6. @tabor FYI

            “Those who can do, those who can’t teach” Is one of those oft quoted falsehoods voiced by those who are incapable of either.

            As our universities become increasingly vocational, led by business and science, they also trend less liberal (although still left leaning by today’s standards due to higher general intelligence).

            I can’t speak directly to the Sciences, but in Business schools the faculty typically do both teaching and wealth creation.

            It’s almost impossible to effectively teach a practically applied vocation without having experience with it first.

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  1. “worded clumsily“ perhaps.

    However, that’s all that’s needed to distract and deflect from the actual point.

    The cult has learned their lessons well, and facts and logic take a backseat.

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      1. Got it: There’s nothing in the article you dispute. You dispute the article for things not in it, which you also fail to specify.

        A perfect example of insular reasoning.


  2. Interesting.

    Maryland: Fifth highest state in terms of % of African-Americans. Yet 18 other states have lower average IQ.

    Delaware: #8 yet 22 states have a lower IQ.

    Virginia: #9 yet 34 states have a lower IQ.

    Conversely, Idaho has the 2nd lowest % of African-Americans, whereas they are only #22 on the IQ list. And Utah has the 7th lowest % of African-Americans, but sits at #24 on the IQ list. California is smack in the middle, and has the highest Asian % of population – yet is 3rd lowest on the IQ list.


    A much better correlation for IQ is between traditionally red states and traditionally blue states. Red states have the lower IQ, which is probably why they are red states.

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      1. RE: “You’re living in the wrong state?”

        I’m surely in the state of communicating with idiots if they believe that a correlation of IQ with state borders or political affiliation is scientifically meaningful.


  3. Well John, I hope you weren’t expecting a reasonable response from our liberal brethren. Instead of refuting naturally existing differences with facts, the only retort is you’re racist. Remember the Va Beach police math exam was deemed racist by the same brethren.


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