14 thoughts on “AT: Documenting the Virginia Crackdown

  1. “While the idea of soldiers engaged in gun confiscation is not yet a reality, the proposal itself should alarm every sane person in this country. Elected officials want to send large numbers of uniformed soldiers in combat gear and armored vehicles through residential streets in search of American citizens and their lawful possessions. The hyperbolic political debates of recent years notwithstanding, government oppression has not yet reached the levels displayed by Stalin, Hitler, or Pol Pot. But the Virginia gun confiscation discussion begins to come close. The use of military tanks in residential streets for the purpose of overwhelming law-abiding citizens (and local police) would equal the oppression of Tiananmen Square or the 1968 Prague crackdown.”

    Here’s The American Thinker calling for a less restrained, militarized police presence in Ferguson:


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  2. Probably one of the most hyperbolic, fear mongering, idiotic pieces I have read this week. The same things are said every time a Democrat is elected president. It does nothing to address the real issues and stokes the fear of lawful gun owners to go into bunker-panic mode for no real reason. The bills being proposed will be debated, reviewed for constitutionality, and then voted on. First in committees and then, if passed through there, to the GA.

    Hyperbolic fear mongering is the new rule for those on the right that think ANY kind of gun control is unconstitutional and that the National Guard will be called out to take away lawfully owned firearms. Pieces like this do nothing to forward the discussion. It just drags it through the mud without true reflection.


      1. RE: “Out of that entire piece, that is what you took from it?”

        Yes, the suggestion that people can arm themselves with cameras instead of guns is the very reason I chose to share the link. Sorry you couldn’t see that.


        1. RE: “the reason why you should arm yourself with a camera was about a hoax perpetrated by a wing nut.”

          That’s bullshit. The article didn’t reference or depend on any hoaxes. The statements in the article are independently verifiable, as shown elsewhere in this thread.


          1. “Also on December 13, Hal Turner, a white nationalist radio host who has a history of spreading false claims and hoaxes, posted on his website that Northam had “allegedly ordered a small cadre of staffers to begin the process for determining how to cut off electricity, telephones/ FAXES, Cellular phones AND DATA, as well as the Internet, in areas where he plans to send Virginia National Guard Troops to forcibly seize guns when the Democrat legislature convenes in January.” Turner further claimed that the order “was allegedly given to a very small and trusted group of staffers, some of whom it turns out, do not agree (at all) with this idea.”


            “ We can plan now on how to spirit the film and memory cards away. Virginia shares large borders with neighboring states, each with many possible exits. Once safely out of Virginia, the film or memory cards can be e-mailed to your entire mailing list and shared on social media — and reshared repeatedly in the event of tech-giant censorship.”

            Your link.

            Cutting internet, phones, DATA…so use film and hand carry to another state. Your author is almost verbatim the phony threats from the hoaxer.

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          2. RE: “Your author is almost verbatim the phony threats from the hoaxer.”

            Now you’re grasping at bullshit. There is no logical, no practical connection between the Media Matters story and the AT piece.

            Anyone who contemplates the nature of events during a potential military-based gun confiscation effort would naturally assume attempts to control civilian communications would occur. It is a well-known military tactic that was actually used in the historical story the AT author relates. The same thing happened after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Law enforcement confiscated — and erased — hundreds of witnesses’ cell phones; then social media censored online content related to the story, heavily.

            Your attempt to link the Media Matters report with the AT piece is without merit.


          3. The idea that the cell phones were wiped clean in Las Vegas was an Infowars conspiracy rumor. A despicable tactic by the slimy perpetrator of false flags in the school shooting.

            There is no evidence that cell phones were wiped clean except the claim of one or two that are unverified.

            My comment about the American Thinker fear mongering stands.

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