Counterpunch: Operation Gladio: the Story Of A Conspiracy

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People say there are no conspiracies, there is no deep state or secret international cabal with globalist intentions. Here is one, however, that is well documented and much discussed, albeit more widely ignored.

One thought on “Counterpunch: Operation Gladio: the Story Of A Conspiracy

  1. Yes there was an operation Gladio according to several online sources. How involved it was in the myriad of terror activities listed in the article is hard to discern.

    The Cold War was not fought according to the rules of the Marquis of Queensbury, of that we are certain. Our own CIA was complicit in a lot of dastardly deeds including the overthrow of the President of Iran to install a brutal dictator who was considered more Western friendly. We know how well that turned out.

    Allende, another left of center president in Chile, was assassinated and Pinochet installed. Another mess.

    Contra support just before the Berlin Wall came down.

    We supported dictators everywhere so long as they kept the Soviet boogeyman away.

    I am sure it is possible that the Red Brigade and other European terror groups were helped here and there by us and other anti-Soviet actors.

    Yet, as your link shows, it was kind of an open secret which belies the nefarious nature of a worldwide cabal. And lets face it, if you were pro-Soviet in the wrong places you would be in danger. And Russian disinformation was also a notable player in this game.

    Olaf Palme’s murder was a shocker in Sweden. As a Swede I was shaken. But he had enemies and was totally unprotected since Sweden had not had a political assassination in 200 years. The times caught up with the Swedes. It is still not solved, but then a lot of crimes aren’t. Just because someone is prominent doesn’t make it a conspiracy. Heck, look at the Seth Rich debacle. The police are virtually positive it was a botched robbery from all evidence. But because he was attached to the DNC at the time of the hacking…well, you know the rest.

    A curious segue by the author linking Gladio to Al Qaeda is a bit odd and without clarification. As far as I recall, the start of Al Qaeda was in the prisons of Egypt as an offshoot of the more moderate Muslim Brotherhood. I got traction during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. And they really got going when the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld boys teamed up with our neo-cons to invade Iraq.

    Not much Gladio as a major SNAFU by terminal idiots…in my opinion.

    I think there are more conspiracies among minor players, like right wing militias of which some have been caught in stings to commit terrorist acts. There seems to be one under investigation with a Washington State representative as we write. But someone always blabs, boasts or does something stupid. And the more that are involved, the more it happens.

    Anyway, that is my opinion and comment on conspiracies in general and Gladio in particular.

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