Herring says 2nd Amendment resolutions have no effect


But of course they’re having a huge effect on him, and others Bloomberg purchases. They will also have a very big effect on Delegates who had close races.

26 thoughts on “Herring says 2nd Amendment resolutions have no effect

  1. Herring is a Bloomberg purchase?

    Regardless, Herring in this case is just stating the obvious.

    If the Assembly goes too far in it’s restrictions the courts will review them and if the are deemed legal and Constitutional the laws will be enforced.

    Elections have consequences.

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    1. Elections do have consequences, but those consequences have consequences too.

      Particularly in statewide elections where Gerrymandering of districts isn’t a factor and turnout is.

      Turnout in the rural areas has often been low, but those Sanctuary voters are going to turn out at near 100%.

      Mark Warner, who defeated Gillespe by less than 1%, will be the first to pay for Bloomberg’s Virginia Purchase.


      1. You may want to take a closer look at the statewide demographics. Those voters you tout could turn out at 100%, but they will not out vote the majority of the Virginia Crescent.

        And the gerrymander of which you speak was rightly corrected by the courts. And I don’t care about YOUR district. I care about fair and contiguous districts built based on numbers of people, not their political leanings or the color of their skin.

        And until the GOP canfield a candidate that is worthy of VA votes, your prediction is not going to come true. Conventions vs. Primaries? That is going to take a lot of folks out of the process for selecting the candidates. Suppressing Republican votes now? I know VA doesn’t register by party, but taking the choice away from ALL voters in any race is as bad, if not worse, than gerrymandering.

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  2. The VCDL is doing its best fear mongering, the same way the NRA tells people that if a Democrat is elected President, he/she will take away your guns. All that does is drive up gun and ammo sales. Clinton was elected and the only thing that really happened is the now lapsed assault weapons ban. Obama got elected and NOTHING happened.

    The majority of the proposed bills make sense and will NOT infringe on 2A rights. The VCDL and their minions are posturing and trying to raise fears that stoke anger and stupidity. The people HAVE spoken and they have and demanded common sense gun control reforms. 2A voters are probably the most active in state elections. They LOST. And now they want to overturn the results of said election by making unreasonable demands on local governments, which have ZERO power in Virginia. If they wanted their voice sheard, maybe they should have tried to convince others to come to their side. Ooops! They are now in the minority. Get over it, as Mulvaney said about quid pro quo.


    1. First, in our form of government, minorities still have rights that the majority cannot transgress.

      But if you really believe the VCDL is fear mongering, read SB 16 and SB 64.

      SB 16 makes possession of almost all modern semiautomatic firearms a felony.

      SB 64 makes firearms training in groups larger than 3 a felony.

      Every time this comes up, gun control advocates bemoan the low amount of training required for a CHP and now they want to ban the training?


      1. “First, in our form of government, minorities still have rights that the majority cannot transgress.”

        Tell that to a black guy who’s just been pulled over for a missing taillight and winds up on life-support.

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          1. Curtailing guns is not a travesty. Getting pulled over because you are black and driving in the “wrong” part of town and getting shot while exercising your 2A rights and after informing the officer what you were doing.


          2. That such things happen is WHY citizens should keep and bear arms.

            Or as one of the speakers, a black man, said at one of the 2A sanctuary meetings, ‘If a man in blackface standing next to a man in a hood says I should give my guns, I think we have a problem,’


          3. You’re right, the hassling of black men on the street is an abuse by individual, low level policemen, while the infringement on our natural rights to self defense is being attempted by the very highest levels of State government, making it much worse,.


      2. Interesting how you discuss the rights of the minority (power) while standing against the rights of ACTAUL minorities in general, to defend the perceived majority. Look @Williams’ anti-LGTBQ column today as another instance.

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        1. I don’t know where you get the idea I am hostile to minorities. particularly sexual minorities.

          The Libertarian Party of VA was the first not exclusively gay organization to join Equality Virginia (the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom was 2nd) and our local Tidewater LP held a debate on the Marriage Amendment here, complete with angry anti gay protestors trying to intimidate us at the door. We were the first political organization to condemn the Marriage Amendment.

          That said, I don’t see how not requiring businesses to accommodate gender dysphoria is anti LGTBQ. That is something the marketplace can sort out on its own.

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  3. Many of the resolutions require the local jurisdiction which adopts them to litigate any arguably unconstitutional laws the General Assembly might pass. Thus, if politics and public opinion prove ineffective, lawfare becomes an option.


    1. Politics won the election. Lawfare, as you put it is the only option for those who are in the minority. And provided any new laws are deemed constitutional, as the common sense ones appear to be, they will lose there as well. Then what will it be, armed insurrection?


      1. RE: “they will lose there as well”

        That’s a nice counterfactual.

        The point is that Herring’s dismissal of the resolutions doesn’t tell the full story.


  4. It is really comical when Red Herring fluffs his feathers and demands others follow the law, when it pertains to guns, when he himself, as Attorney General, selectively ignores the law on immigration, pot, etc. Hypocritical liberal jackass.


  5. So here’s how it really is… The city councils know that the action is non-binding. They are facing a vocal group who may or may not know that.

    So, no harm in saying “Okay”. If later, when anything should happen at the State level, they can say either, “Well, I tried,” or “What? No, I knew it was non-binding and we had REAL work to do,” depending entirely on the local wind at reelection time.

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        1. On what grounds? Standing by his principles? Doing the job the GOP didn’t do? Oh,wait. It is because he is a Democrat and that is reason enough to recall him.

          My dad always said that Libertarians are like Don Quixote; always tilting at imaginary windmills.


    1. Well, her in Chesapeake and in many other 2A cities and counties, they committed to going to court to block enforcement of any unconstitutional bills passed.

      That is a big deal because cities and counties have standing to sue because they would be required to use local resources to enforce the laws. Individuals would have to risk violating the law and then challenging the law after they are at legal risk.


      1. So all of those sheriff’s are going to risk their jobs and pensions by not upholding laws? Yeah, I see that NOT happening.

        The GA passes laws that ARE actually constitutional, decided to be so by the precedent. Then what happens. Let the lawsuits fly and delay delay delay. Losing proposition in my humble estimation. See GOP fights against court ordered congressional districts.


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