14 thoughts on “Washington Rep. Matt Shea engaged in domestic terrorism against U.S., says state House report

          1. Bundy had a legitimate gripe that the press would not report until his protest.

            The range land he and his family grazed cattle on under lease for generations was taken as a tortoise refuge in mitigation for land developed by Japanese cronies of Harry Reid.

            The range system in Western states is no optional, the government will not sell the land to the ranchers who are dependent on it, so the loss of grazing on that land would have put the family permanently out of business and bankrupt through no fault of their own.

            They were victims of a corrupt conspiracy between Reid and the EPA and had no other way to bring attention to it.


          2. @Tabor

            So, “socialism” is okay for gun toting pinheads who have a “right” to free stuff from the government? A “right” so sacred that they are justified in defying the courts and taking up arms to keep the free stuff? You cannot make this stuff up!

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        1. What socialism?

          The Bundys paid grazing fees every year.

          The range system is not the cattlemen’s choice. The government owns as much as 80% of many Western States. They will sell you enough to build your ranch house and paddock but you have to lease the surrounding grazing land, The land is not that productive, so it takes a lot of land to raise a herd without overgrazing. That has been the system for generations.

          If the government takes the grazing rights, the ranch itself is worthless.

          The Bundy’s were good stewards of the land and paid their fees. They did nothing wrong, but Reid’s cronies wanted to develop some land that was a tortoise habitat, and the EPA and Bureau of Land Management broke the grazing contract with the Bundys to create a tortoise refuge as mitigation for the harm Reid’s cronies were doing hundreds of miles away.

          Tortoises, BTW, coexist with cattle just fine.

          I know of your devotion to the all powerful State and how awful it is for you to see it as wrong, but this is a case of pure government evil and corruption of the worst kind.


          1. They paid grazing fees BELOW and substantially below market value. Sounds like “socialism” to me. If the government had actually broken a contract then the Bundy’s would have prevailed in court. Thinking that you have a right to a multi-generational sinecure at the public’s expense is not the same as a actual contract.

            Your repeated talk of Reid’s cronies – even if true, fair and accurate which, given your record on alternative facts, is far from certain – is a red herring. The ONLY legitimate way to deal with a gripe or an injustice is through the courts or political action. It is not with guns, violence and threats. This seditious behavior is no different than the Whiskey Rebellion which President Washington called out the militia to suppress.

            Bottom line, a bunch of white jackasses defy the law, the courts and the government with guns to protest government behavior and you cheer lead. One black man takes a knee to protest government behavior and people like you have conniptions. Part of a white nationalist pattern at the core of Trumpism. Let’s see your response should armed black men defy the authorities, seize government property and cause death and injury. Unlike the Bundys, such men would not survive the first encounter and you would cheer lead for that too. After all, the rule of law is of vital importance. Except when it is not.

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          2. OK. Poking around the Internet I found several sites debunking your Reid-tortoise-Chinese story.

            Here is the clearest one:


            For additional views including the whole Western debates on land management:


            Taking all this into consideration, I think the rebels were pretty much criminals not patriots.

            Black Lives Matter get labeled as criminals by conservatives but these guys are heroes and martyrs?

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