Another “far left” attack on Trump.

We can be grateful to Mr. Trump for illustrating exactly how hollow and meaningless all of his “far left” and “radical opponents” rhetoric actually is. Christianity Today, founded by Billy Graham and still a leading Evangelical newspaper has called for his conviction and removal from office now that he has been impeached. A very clear the emperor is not wearing any clothes moment. His childish and churlish response and his application of such shop worn epithets to this very conservative organization shows that “far left” has come to mean “sees Trump for the jackass that he is.”

7 thoughts on “Another “far left” attack on Trump.

  1. Could it be the Christians are going to eat themselves over this?..I really enjoyed reading how Christian Organizations believe the lie that Trump was impeached because he is so friendly to the Evangelical Right. A bit superior in their attitude there. It is amazing how hypocritical these religious leaders are. It is no wonder many believe that ALL Christians are hypocrites when it comes to Trump.

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    1. As sheep, they are easily led.

      I’m hoping that such an accurate and most excellent editorial like this can break through to the delusional “evangelicals”.

      Pipe dream, but “truth” can be a stubborn thing….

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  2. “far left” has come to mean “sees Trump for the jackass that he is.”

    Eloquent and accurate, but you could add small “c” conservatives as well.

    And probably many of the rational big “Cs” as well…..

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      1. Well, Nancy, I did post a piece from Brett Stephens @ NYT (one of three c’s there) that was pretty good.

        Our old friend Steve C also comes to mind. I may not agree with them, but being civil is so unacceptable to Trumpists (the NEW conservatives), that they ain’t all bad.

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  3. Agreed.

    Very interesting discussion going around the internet today too regarding Billy Graham. Today, Franklin Graham came out and said his father voted for Donald Trump, that he believed Trump was the best man for this hour for the nation.

    Interesting. Here’s Franklin Graham back on November 4, 2016, the time of Billy Graham’s 98th birthday, when a reporter asked him how his father was doing:

    “Not great, he’s 98. He’s real quiet. Doesn’t say much,” the younger Graham said. “Can’t see, can’t hear anything. His mind is clear. … But he speaks in sentences of one word.” We also know he was suffering from severe memory loss due to hydrocephalus and Parkinson’s disease even back in 2015, a year before the election. He was confined to a wheelchair and no longer went out in public.

    He most certainly didn’t go to the polls to vote, So it would have had to be by absentee ballot. But exactly how did he request an absentee ballot in this condition?

    Seems to me Franklin Graham just admitted to voter fraud.

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    1. But that just isn’t possible. An Evangelical Leader and heir to one of the greatest christian fortunes (financial and otherwise) of all time committing fraud AND admitting it? Check the sky for pigs.

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