Stephens’ case concerning Trump

One of three CONSERVATIVE opinion writers @ NYT makes a compelling argument, FROM the Right, for Impeachment and removal.

” What Republicans are now doing with their lock step opposition to impeachment — and with their indifference to the behavior that brought impeachment about — is not conservative. It is the abdication of principle to power. “

His rebuke of today’s Republican congressional caucus nails it. – IMHO

4 thoughts on “Stephens’ case concerning Trump

  1. Nancy should wait until January 2021. Maybe then McConnell won’t have to worry about his impartiality oath, and the Republicans might be more interested in throwing out the trash.

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  2. That impeachment is going to sit on Nancy’s desk for the next 13 months. It’ll never go to the Senate.

    So long as Trump remains under impeachment, he’s ineligible to receive a Presidential Pardon. Nancy has avoided the Constitutional crisis of whether a president can pardon himself, and Trump will, if things go well, face criminal indictments in 2021.

    “The President … shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of impeachment.”

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  3. Good post. For those who can’t access NYT, a couple of pertinent quotes:

    “ If conservatives are right to object to the abuse of power by F.B.I. agents, shouldn’t they be far more alarmed at the abuse of investigatory and other powers for political ends by the president of the United States?”

    “ Here is a textbook case of Judge Silberman’s “most heinous act in which a democratic government can engage.” The president is unambiguously proposing to employ his chief law-enforcement officer to investigate a debunked conspiracy theory that Trump hopes will burnish his political legitimacy. And he also proposes to use the attorney general in an attempt to investigate a political opponent for undeniably political ends.

    That Trump didn’t get away with it is a relief, not an exoneration. That he continues to insist the call was “perfect,” as he did Tuesday in his letter to Nancy Pelosi, means that he is likely to do it again. That he attempted to subvert the will of Congress by impounding congressional funds for his political ends threatens the separation of powers in ways that will haunt a future Republican Congress. That he was prepared to endanger an ally and benefit an enemy is not treason, as the Constitution defines treason, but it is a travesty, as any American ought to understand travesty. That Republican leaders are cheering him only serves to define deviancy down and debase our political norms in ways that will surely haunt a future Republican Congress. That conservative pundits claim to be outraged at the F.B.I.’s investigation of the Trump campaign — or the smearing of Carter Page — while being indifferent to Trump’s attempt to investigate Joe Biden — and the smearing of Hunter Biden — marks a fresh low in rhetorical sophistry.”

    Few Republicans are defending the crime, they just don’t want him to do the “time”. Afraid they’ll get “primaried”.

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