Another reason to be proud of our president…

He insults a teenager as she was picked to be Time Magazine Person of the Year.

At least she didn’t have to make up fake covers to hang around clubs and offices.

Too bad the founders didn’t allow impeachment for being a world class a#%hole. Perhaps an amendment is due.

With all due respect, of course.

(Which ain’t much.)


32 thoughts on “Another reason to be proud of our president…

  1. Trump is relentless in demonstrating what a truly “small” person he is.

    When a 16 year old demonstrates a level of maturity beyond a 70 year old it is pitifully SAD…can’t wait to hear the defense of this latest embarrassment.

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    1. “Disgraced” is the correct pejorative, but you have the wrong target.

      Your hero lobbied for the honor to not have to create another “fake” TIME cover repeatedly, and had a childish hissy fit when he didn’t get it.

      Regardless of her Climate Change beliefs it’s despicable to go after a child as President of the United States. PERIOD.

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    2. Children should be seen and not heard, eh, Doc?

      Well maybe we should start taking the time to listen to kids. The will inherit what we leave them. They are better educated than we were and some of them have the awareness to stand up for what they believe in. Millennials are supposedly lazy and only care about their social contacts, cell phones and video games. Ms. Thunberg exposes that stereotype for what it is: Horse shit. Calling her a puppet is disingenuous and almost as bad as Trump.

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        1. And I am sure your children are braying about libertarianism. You seem to be making a big assumption that just because a child is on the autism spectrum, they can only parrot what they are told. Could it be her parents taught her it is important to care about the environment and she has taken it on herself to get the message out?

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    3. It is her future, not yours or Trump’s. One cannot help but notice that neither you nor Trump have anything to say except slanders against a child. Truly pathetic. But, since her litany of the utter selfishness of older generations is entirely fair and accurate there is nothing else for you to respond with.


      1. You misunderstand, my criticism is not of the disabled child, but of her parents and others who use her as a sympathetic puppet to advance their Marxist cause.

        The child is being terrorized by extremist claims of an existential threat that does not exist. What kind of parent constantly tells their child the boogeyman is going to get her to control her?


          1. Go back and read more carefully. From the beginning I have pointed out she is a puppet who does not understand the issue that her parents use to keep her in a state of terror and anger.

            DO you seriously defend such an exploitation of an Autisitic child?


          2. I have read carefully enough. Another rhetorical trick you have worn out through overuse. I understand your accusations directed at HER of ignorance, arrogance, and being a clueless puppet. These are unfounded slanders directed at a child. Your silly attempted jujitsu to deliver more slanders aimed at her and her parents is a giant whiff.

            The ugly truth is as I stated. You answer those you disagree with with name-calling and slanders just like your Dear Leader.


          1. That’s why psychology has such a poor reputation among the sciences.

            From her own statements (as drilled into her by her father) she clearly has great passion and no understanding. The policies she demands would kill a thousand times more people than warming ever could

            That whole family is caught up in the drama of their cause, and Greta is their voice.


          2. Lambasting psychology as a science does nothing to boost the veracity of right wing arm chair critics who know little, if anything, about her.

            Yet, like your assertions, are so sure that she is a mentally unstable robot abused by per elders.

            You disagree with her policies. Fine, I get that. But that is not enough, so you join the smear squad.

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  2. Thunburg is an impudent little brat who deserves it. She doesn’t know anything about her cause beyond what she is told by alarmists. So her solution is to strike from school to learn even less, make mean scarey angry Thunberg scowls, wag her finger at the UN and convince others to follow??? Teenagers will use any excuse to get out of school but to be subsidized and held up as a trophy by the left for it is beyond pathetic, Time included.


    1. “…and get off my lawn!!”

      Your comment is not word for word, but things sure haven’t changed in 2500 years.

      “ The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households.”

      Socrates, 469-399

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      1. Not sure what criticizing a brat for skipping school and being admired by the left for it has to do with Socrates but, Ok, impudent little brats get off my lawn. There feel better?


        1. Egads! Have you no sense of history…or irony?

          “ mean scarey angry Thunberg scowls, wag her finger at the UN and convince others to follow???”

          B. Smith, 2019

          “Children are now tyrants…”

          Socrates, 490 BC

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          1. Interesting how folks complain about how uninvolved millenials are, and when one does get involved, they are a “brat”.

            Good grief folks, what is the issue? Oh, right. You don’t like her message. If she were talking about everyone owning a gun because it is the right thing to do, or banning all abortions you would be cheering her on from your parent’s basement.

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          2. Reading the postings of old men disparage a child as brainwashed or a brat because they disagree with her message says WAY more about them than her.

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          3. “You don’t like her message.“

            By golly, I think you’ve got it, my good man.

            Thunberg has to put up with the earth and its environmental quality, good and/or bad, for another 70 years or so.

            The older folks who run the world’s institutions are looking at another couple of decades, maybe 3 at the most. Hard for most to worry about those alive in the next half century.

            Oh, most would say they’re concerned for their children and grandchildren. Of course if that were true then we wouldn’t saddling them with incredible debt, messing up our rivers, covering the oceans in plastic, and polluting in general. Never mind the Great Climate Change Hoax.

            (Did we put a tariff on that hoax since it came from China?)

            All IMHO…Scout’s honor.

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  3. Len, instead of acting shocked, can’t you recognize sarcasm when it is smacking you in the face? Socrates? Really? Your activist hero Thunberg is nothing more than a insolent twit who pouts and stomps her feet. The most hilarious thing about her juvenile temper tantrums is she does not seem to know what it takes to produce the means of spreading her misguided ramblings like yachts and electric cars. You know, fossil fuels, plastics, precious metals and a vast combination of other natural resources.


    1. “… Thunberg is nothing more than a insolent twit who pouts and stomps her feet.”

      Hmmm, kind of like the head of the present regime.


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