What a loud-mouthed blow-hard Rep. Doug Collins is!

Geesy-peesy,  I’ve been trying to watch the impeachment procedures tonight and I just realized that Collins is just one more Trump defender (with nothing to defend ‘djt’ with) who has  nothing that resembles an ‘inside voice.’ Ha. I thought Jim Jordan was the owner of the most annoying loud mouth; but, darned if the ‘I LOVE MY VOICE’ Mr. Collins doesn’t own the annoyance trophy. I guess that’s what trying to find something – ANYTHING – to support ‘the trumpster’ with, unsuccessfully, day after day will do to your vocal chords. Just saying . . . /G, P and Beyond.

26 thoughts on “What a loud-mouthed blow-hard Rep. Doug Collins is!

    1. “He is correct on every point”

      NONE of which have anything to do with the basis for the crimes committed by trump.

      Do you really want to live in a Country where the next Democrat President is “above the law”…

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        1. Oh pe shaw; he’s been “investigated”, the GOP has been relentless in their search for dirt and have failed for a reason.

          Obstruction of Congress is a fact (since you love your literalist views) and should be sufficient for removal if the Senate puts the Country first.

          It’s very telling that the GOP doesn’t want to call witnesses because ANY more facts will hurt their distract and deflect strategy.

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          1. Obstruction of Congress is a false charge.

            Schiff Subpoenaed documents and testimony Trump sees as privileged. Trump refused and went to court. Schiff elected to not go to court for a determination.

            Obstruction could only be charged if the courts held in Schiff’s favor and Trump still did not comply.

            The Republicans called 8 witnesses, all of which Nadler ruled as irrelevant and refused to hear.

            Hunter Biden got $83,333 a month for a no-show job while Joe controlled aid to Ukraine. That is far more compelling than anything Trump is accused of.


          2. “Obstruction could only be charged if the courts held in Schiff’s favor and Trump still did not comply.”

            Legally, I believe the charge would be contempt of court if the admin still ignored the court. (Another impeachable offense). However Schiff does not have to wait for the courts if it is deemed expedient not to do so. The delay tactics of the Trump administration are just as egregious as the fast and furious delays in the Obama admin that upset YOU so much.


          3. So long as there is a question of the legitimacy of the subpoenas, and there most certainly is, there is no obstruction until the courts have ruled. It’s hardly Trump’s fault that the Democrats waited until their witch hunt bumped up against their primary campaigning.


          4. The only question of legitimacy is in your head, and the Trump minions in Congress doing his bidding to muddy the waters. There is no real defense for what he did, therefore attack everything else and avoid the fact that, admittedly by some in the GOP, he did something wrong.

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          5. Hunter Biden? Give it a rest, as we’ve discussed before; both typical and legal.

            As to “false charge”, Bullshit. Congress does NOT have to go through the court system, and the idea of TOTAL immunity based on “privileged” is enough to make Scalia roll over in his whatever.

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        2. …”it seems off limits to expose his [Biden’s] corruption.”

          Exactly what corruption is that? I have yet to see anything tangible to level this charge. Only muddying the waters to deflect the abuse of power exercised by Donald J. Trump.

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          1. So, it is coincidence Hunter got the no show $83K/mo job while Biden was in charge of aid to the Ukraine, nearly all of which disappeared into the oligarchs’ pockets.

            Joe sixpack can see right through that, just like anyone outside the partisan bubble.


          2. Saying this is corruption on the part of Biden is partisan caterwauling. People with names get added to boards all over the world on a regular basis. The appearance is ugh!, but proof of corruption by Biden is non-existent. Any and all arguments about Biden have debunked, as many times as Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall. And just as wrong.

            Corruption in Ukraine is well documented. That is why Zelenskiy was elected. To clean it up. Joe Six Pack needs to put down the beer, change the channel and open his mind.

            And when will you come out of your partisan bubble? Pot, meet kettle.

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          3. People with names get added to boards. Why?

            In any case, not all people with names are the son of a Vice President with control over a billion dollars of economic development aid.


          4. Because they draw money to the company. For someone as smart as I know you to be, you sure seem to know very little about international business.

            Biden had no control of the aid money. That is the president’s duty and Biden was only following the orders given. You do realize that the VP has little to no power in an administration. He can advise, but he has zero decision making responsibility. Yes, Biden bragged about the aid money, but he was doing it under the orders of Obama.

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          5. @Tabor

            No, it is not a coincidence, it was based on the value his last name.

            However, Your multiple attacks on Hunter are misinformed and misplaced.

            A number of years ago I served on a Fortune 500 Board (because a particular expertise) and of the 10 people on the board four (4) were there EXCLUSIVELY for their connections and name recognition as they brought NOTHING to the table.

            $20K per month, plus expenses, for a total of five(5) meetings. New to the game I quickly found out that this is business as usual.

            Rile at the system if you think it unfair/corrupt, or you might use the energy to look at the trump kids as a balance.

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    2. ‘The only thing that has changed is that the Democrats are took over the House’ . . . (paraphrased)

      That’s not passion blowing through Mr. Collins’ lips; that’s a flat out lie.

      What changed, that the loud-mouth tries to dismiss is one more attempt by ‘djt’ to get election help from a foreign leader and country. That is unconstitutional and impeachable. There was a time that all the GOP warblers we saw and HEARD today would have thought so too; before they forgot what’s American and what’s NOT.

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      1. “‘The only thing that has changed is that the Democrats are took over the House’ . . . (paraphrased)”

        You forgot to add “and Congressional oversight, as written in the Constitution, which was ignored for two years, has now begun.”

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    1. Trump only abused his powers if we accept that Biden and the Obama administration were above the law.

      If not, everything Trump has done is not only within the scope of his powers, but was his duty. There was more than enough probable cause to investigate.


      1. Using his own money and resources, Trump is free to hire an attorney and conduct a private investigation of anyone anywhere he would like.

        When Trump tells someone in the State Department to “Work with Rudy”, he co-opted and abused government resources for that private investigation.

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        1. Also he indicated that Zelenskiy should talk to Bill Barr; using a government official to ask for an investigation.

          And if Trump wanted an investigation of Biden, then he should follow the established process. Open an investigation here in the states. Find evidence that supports requesting the investigation be opened in the foreign country based on said evidence. And present it to the foreign power.

          However, opening an investigation on a political rival would be fraught with “third world, banana republic,” political play accusations. Tough spot to be in, but if the evidence shows an investigation is warranted, as the FBI did in opening its Russia investigation, then it would not be an issue.

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  1. “Trump only abused his powers if we” interpret the Constitution as written.

    Your fixation on the prior Administration (whataboutism?) is another weak defense of the current Administration’s obvious criminal transgressions.

    Besides that fact it’s not healthy, it’s also apples and oregano….

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  2. It’s a contest, GPB. Who can kiss Trump’s ass the loudest. Jordan, McCarthy and Collins are winning the race in the House. Lindsay Graham is the hands down winner in the Senate. He loves the “buffoon”. What he called Trump, among other things, during the GOP primary season in 2016. Now the buffoon is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or radically conservative federal judges.

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