Lest we forget the real danger of conspiracy theories


Rubin’s comparisons to Egypt and Pakistan are spot on. Turkey has the same problem.

When all faith in truth is ruptured, as Trump has been working on since before taking office, conspiracies abound. And they can be fed and amplified by state actors and the internet. It’s an autocrat’s dreamworld.

3 thoughts on “Lest we forget the real danger of conspiracy theories

  1. “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” (say in your head sounding like Thank-choo-airy à la Charles Laughton)

    I must admit the timing is impeccable, almost flash-mob’ish. And, the video cameras abound. Coordinated via Facebook page started with IP addresses from blocks,,, and, and rolled out just in time for the impeachment.

    Well folks, grab a beer, sit back, turn on Fox, and get ready for Election Year 2020. It’s Fetus, Guns, and Bibles season again. Or is that Feed Us Guns and Bibles Season?

    They’re starting with the 2nd, and I was so sure that this close to Christmas, they’d have led with the War on Xmas.

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  2. She ends with “This is the United States, not Pakistan or Egypt. We are still the world’s most powerful nation.”

    Yeah, but remember, Lennie was described as the powerful one. George had the quick mind and wit.

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