More Quid Pro Quo?

“The new federal standard would have left the Border Patrol union with about 18,000 hours of official time per year, or the total hours agents are allowed to dedicate to union activities. Instead, the new contract provides nearly 10 times that amount — 153,920 hours.” All to be spent working on Trump’s campaign, no doubt.

At this point, other than his basic bodily functions, what conduct by Trump isn’t impeachable?

6 thoughts on “More Quid Pro Quo?

  1. Trump doesn’t care. He learned from Roy Cohn that the law is for little people. (Cohn’ favorite phrase for filing thousands of nuisance, harassing and even fruitless lawsuits was “who’s the judge”.)

    He will do as he pleases no matter the law. Now that he has Barr as a useful tool and fav sycophant with academic sounding crap about executive power, Trump figures he’s unstoppable.

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    1. What’s the difference? Trump wouldn’t know if he was impeached. He ignores everything else, like laws, reality, evidence… Just wait ’til you hear what his people in Hawaii say about Obama’s birth certificate.

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      1. Listening to him describe the FBI as “scum” yesterday as the AG attacks the our DOJ says it all.

        Watching this sociopath and his supporters destroy our Government is heart breaking…

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    2. It’s another case of Trump exchanging a thing of value paid by the government for his own personal campaign’s benefit. It’s just plain wrong.

      As to impeachment, I’ll let Pat Buchanan’s publication, The American Conservative, speak to that:

      “The president’s abuse of power is not in dispute. It is clear that he used the powers of his office in an attempt to extract a corrupt favor for his personal benefit, and this is precisely the sort of offense that impeachment was designed to keep in check. It doesn’t matter if the attempt succeeded. All that matters is that the attempt was made. It is also undeniable that he has sought to impede the investigation into his misconduct. The president has committed the offenses he is accused of committing, and the House should approve both articles of impeachment.

      The president doesn’t have a credible line of defense left. That is why his apologists in Congress and elsewhere have been reduced to making increasingly absurd and desperate claims.The central question at the heart of this matter has always been whether we will tolerate the president corruptly using the powers of his office for personal benefit. The president’s defenders have answered loudly that they will tolerate corruption of the presidency. If we have any respect left for the Constitution and the rule of law, it is imperative that the president is not allowed to escape without facing serious consequences for his abuses.”

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      1. Since none of this is based on law, you think you can just make up stuff and say that’s “illegal”? Trump isn’t guilty of squat and he does have immunity so blow it up your you know what. This is nothing but a bold Democrat party attempt to influence the 2020 elections with public money. Isn’t THAT illegal? Even though Trump did not ask for a quid pro quo (fact), it is quite common in foreign relations. Otherwise Biden wouldn’t have threatened Ukraine military aid before and then brag about it. And to top it off, the FBI under Obama did in fact use uncorroborated phony dossier information from a foreign operative to obtain warrants to spy on Trump associates. Just plain ole gross incompetence by that stellar FBI you think? You people never cease to amaze.


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