Is corruption contagious?

Are Trump and Netanyahu using the same consultants?

“He defiantly claimed the indictment stemmed from “false accusations” and a systematically “tainted investigation,” saying the country was witnessing an “attempted coup” against him.”

“Police and investigators are not above the law,” he said. “The time has come to investigate the investigators.”

“Netanyahu is desperate to remain in office to fight the charges. Under Israeli law, public officials are required to resign if charged with a crime. But that law does not apply to the prime minister, who can use his office as a bully pulpit against prosecutors and try to push parliament to grant him immunity from prosecution.“

“As the investigation gained steam in recent months, Netanyahu has repeatedly lashed out at what he sees as a hostile media, police and justice system. Observers have compared his tactics to those of his good friend, U.S. President Donald Trump, who has used similar language to rally his base during an accelerating impeachment hearing.”

Luckily for our president, his trial, if it come to that, will be decided by a “jury” of his sycophants and supporters. Presided by a Republican judge.

Sounds like a KKK trial in Alabama before 1965.

7 thoughts on “Is corruption contagious?

    1. There’s just something about that guy. Aside from his views on immigrants and just about everything else, every time I look at him I hear an echo of Will Smith from MIB. I can see him in an SS uniform saying, “I make this look good.”


    1. A man with multiple bankruptcies and screwing vendors for fun, a fraudulent school, paying hundreds of thousands for sex…yeah, I would agree he was not very good as much.

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      1. Trump has been a partner in over 600 business ventures, 3 bankruptcies is an amazingly good record.

        Maybe he isn’t good at some things, but then he’s President, on his first run for public office, and Hillary is not.


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