I know this is a minor issue, but why did Trump lie about this?


He blamed Ambassador Yovanovitch for not even hanging his official picture in the embassy

I guess it was true she didn’t.

Because she couldn’t.

See, it was about 15 months after taking office before the images went out to the places where a picture of the president is supposed to hang. And the rule was, no substitutes in the meantime.

The Ambassador said they hung it up as soon as it finally arrived.

And this false “slight” was broadcast on FOX to millions of fans. Talk about “fake news”.

Could our president be any more petty? Aside from lying and passing the blame for his own laxity.

Maybe this is an impeachable offense?

19 thoughts on “I know this is a minor issue, but why did Trump lie about this?

    1. Because it is just a long line of petty whining and victimhood blaming that has been his mantra for years. And he loves to attack people who don’t kiss his ass.

      It is his character. So why should we believe what the real phone call said instead of a doctored transcript? Or anything he says about policy, war, sanctions, taxes, trade wars, etc., etc.?

      Credibility is important in a president. It is big news when lapses occur. And it should be.

      But Trump’s track record is pretty grim.

      Don says he might be wrong, but not lying. But why was it put out as fact if he was not sure? Because he wanted to smear a dedicated professional just like his “soldier” Giuliani did under his orders.

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      1. RE: “Because it is just a long line of petty whining and victimhood blaming that has been his mantra for years. And he loves to attack people who don’t kiss his ass.”

        So what?


        1. Perhaps your idea of a president is different than mine.

          To me I prefer one who lies less and weathers criticism more. I voiced that opinion.

          You are certainly entitled to voice yours.

          And you did…I think.

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        2. RE: “To me I prefer one who lies less and weathers criticism more.”

          With all due respect, who is the liar here, and to whom? You, after all, are the one who wrote, “I know this is a minor issue,” but then you are the one who makes a major issue out of it.

          Are we supposed to believe that “small is big,” or are you trying to convince yourself of it?



          1. Boy, I make a comment which is pertinent to the way Trump denigrates, insults, threatens and lies about people in his administration that he perceives are not loyal to him. Even if their loyalty to our nation is beyond question.

            The “minor issue” was not so much my view, as Trump’s actions about his portrait. That was truly petty.

            “She was appointed, in the first quarter of 2017, by President Donald Trump as Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs on his National Security Council staff…”. Wikipedia

            She was not a holdover from previous administrations. It makes one wonder what Dr. Hill did to deserve such treatment.
            I believe that you have made this a much bigger deal, not me. I was making an observation that even as petty as Trump can be, he can stoop lower given the opportunity.

            No need to turn this chat into an ad hominem attack on me regarding my truthfulness, yet you have managed to do just that.



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          2. Of course I made a major error. It wasn’t Fiona Hill that Trump attacked about the portrait.

            It was Ambassador Yovanovitch that Trump blamed and disparaged for not hanging his official picture before she received.

            He also blamed her for the troubles in Somalia, her first posting, when she was a junior staff member in the embassy.

            Hard to keep track of all the insults.

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    1. Yes, there is, isn’t there?

      And today, with the NY Times article, we now know that Trump, his cabinet and, at a minimum, every Republican senator, have been lying about Ukraine’s supposed meddling in the 2016 election. We know know that they have all been briefed, in no uncertain circumstances, and specifically told that this is a disinformation campaign peddled by the Russian security services.

      The entire apparatus of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, have arrived at the same conclusion — that Russia interfered with US Elections, not Ukraine. Even the Senate Intelligence Committee itself agreed with this. Trump was specifically told this was not true by Tom Bossert, his first Homeland Security advisor.

      Yet here we are today, with Trump, Graham, Nunes, et al lying and peddling this fiction on behalf of Russia. Hell, Grassley & Johnson wrote to the National Archives and demanded documents from the Obama administration that discuss Obama admin officials meeting with the Ukrainian government to undermine the Trump campaign. They’ve been told it didn’t happen, but no, they continue to peddle this lie.

      We have reached the point that the Republican party is naught but an agency of the Russian Security Services, nothing more than Putin’s play toy.

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      1. So, the Ukrainian Ambassador, Valery Chaly did not write an OP-ed critical of Trump during the campaign?

        Google Alexandra Chaulpa, who the GOP wanted to subpoena, but Schiff wouldn’t allow.

        The lie is that Russia worked to help Trump, when as Fiona Hill testified, they sought to undermine BOTH candidates so we would be at each other’s throats no matter who won.

        And you gave them just what they wanted.


        1. Don, everybody in the world except RT wrote critical OpEd’s of Trump. And still do. Kind of expected when a president’s hobby is insulting everyone with insipid tweets between golf rounds and cheeseburgers.

          Chalupa may or may not have fiddled with some support for Clinton.

          However, Putin had all of his national resources sowing discontent, mostly against Clinton.

          But by golly, there is a server hidden in the basement of a pizza parlor in Kiev. And Trump is gonna find it. Even if the Russians have to plant it there first.

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        2. @Tabor

          So, a single comment by Ms. Hill with respect to the objectives of the Russians outweighs the assessment reported by the entirety of our intelligence services – the Russian interference in our election favored Trump.

          And that bit of cherry-picking is enough for you to call that assessment a “lie.” Not TOO ridiculous. But, kind of what one expects from knee jerk Trump apologists.

          In fact, Ms. Hill’s comment is entirely consistent with the findings reported by the DNI . . .

          “We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US
          presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process,
          denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess
          Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We
          have high confidence in these judgments.”


          They wanted BOTH – American political chaos and Trump in the White House.

          Now we have people of your sort spreading Russian disinformation and accusing those who are not fooled of being the actual “useful idiots” helping their goals. Not TOO ridiculous.

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          1. @Tabor
            Maybe it is too early to read with understanding?

            As I reported, the DNI report made it clear the Russians had more than one goal. Sowing political discord AND helping Donald Trump. Read the excerpt quoted again. Because they had more than one goal does not turn an objective assessment into a “lie.”

            But, since you are now eager to cast Hill as an expert maybe your mind is open to the idea that Team Trump was engaged in a “domestic political errand” with their demands for a public investigation of the Bidens? Or not. LOL!

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        3. …who the GOP wanted to subpoena, but Schiff wouldn’t allow.”

          You mean like all of the folks the DEMS wanted to subpoena during the Russia investigation and a certain partisan hack named Devin Nunes would not even consider? Elections have consequences, and what comes around goes around.

          And now reports about Nunes possibly being involved in the Trump skullduggery? And he started that when he ran to the WH with information concerning said investigation while he was Chair of the committee. Look out.

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    2. @Tabor
      While we are guessing, I am going to guess that you cannot handle the truth – Trump is a pathological – in the most clinical meaning of that word – liar.

      Let’s see. A handful of inartful statements by President Obama over the course of 10 years is enough for people of your sort to condemn him as a liar while a DAILY barrage of lies on subjects major and minor from Mr. Trump leads you to this profound insight – “There is a difference between being wrong and lying.”

      Not TOO ridiculous.

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