Didn’t want to hijack the Morrissey thread . . .

I don’t think it was every really discussed at the time and I’m very curious to know everyone’s thoughts on the demise of Jeffrey Epstein. For the record, I 100% believe he was killed.

13 thoughts on “Didn’t want to hijack the Morrissey thread . . .

  1. It would make for an interesting narrative about who ordered the deed, if it were true.

    I still lean towards the suicide line. The ME seemed pretty sure it was. Not saying a death such as this can’t be made to appear to be a suicide. But the tentacles would have to be extremely long and too many individuals would have to be involved. You know what they say about keeping a secret. The only way to truly do that is not to tell anyone else.

    Then again it could be a Hoffa-style narrative. The only difference is we have the body this time.

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      1. Here now. Given we’re all still alive, not contemplating suicide (I assume), and with no definitive pathological test for psychopathy, we may very well all be.

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    1. I believe this to be true, but cannot be proved unless your definition of “not a sociopath” are those mass-, spree-, and serial-killers and rapists who not taken alive in a standoff — “Oh well, he raped and murdered ten women, but at least he can’t be a sociopath since he didn’t surrender.”

      Thus, tough to tell for sure, but certainly those taken alive usually don’t commit suicide and wind up being killed in prison or executed, e.g., Speck, Dahlmer, Gacy, etc.

      So, I assume you’re coming down on the side of street justice by the correctional staff? I believe it such.

      Maybe it will be provable someday with a genetic test, assuming nature not nurture.

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    2. Profile of the Sociopath:

      Glibness and Superficial Charm.
      Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. …
      Grandiose Sense of Self. …
      Pathological Lying. …
      Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. …
      Shallow Emotions. …
      Incapacity for Love.
      Need for Stimulation

      Anybody come to mind??

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      1. You mean aside from myself? Although, I have tried to cut back on lion, how about you?

        The Hare test. More like harebrained. Those attributes fit to some degree almost everyone I know and they were not sociopaths.

        Now, my boss had only 3 and 4 from that list and absolutely none of the others and he was damaged goods, seriously damaged goods.

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  2. Epstein had a lot of enemies. The barriers of being a billionaire were gone.

    There were many people that socialized with him, went to his private parties, and flew in his “Lolita Express” to his island. A “tell all” book or sworn testimonies might have been a problem for some.

    In prison, however, he would be known as “short eyes”, convict parlance for a pedophile. They were not held in high esteem, to say the least. He was looking at spending the rest of his life in prison at the lowest rank and under constant threat of harm. Not exactly the life he would thrive in.

    I don’t believe in conspiracies, for the most part. It may be that taking him off suicide watch was intentional with the expectation that he would kill himself.

    However, the “Tombs” was understaffed with low wage guards. Just like all jails. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the truth.

    But it won’t sell books and stories.


    1. I don’t know. He hadn’t been convicted yet. When you have that much money, no amount of evidence guarantees a conviction. He’d been down this path before and got off with a solicitation charge.

      The guards “fell asleep” and both cameras with a view of his cell just happened to be malfunctioning at the time of his death.

      On the other hand, this guy had dirt on a lot of very important people. All you’d need is a compliant media to assure everyone that the terrible man succumbed to his guilt, nothing to see here.

      Worth noting: Prior to Epstein’s arrest, El Chapo was probably the most high-profile prisoner in America. He is well-known for escapes and intimidation of judges and juries. They managed to keep him:
      a) alive
      b) in custody
      c) from doing anything to influence his trial

      If they want to make sure you live to serve every miserable second of your sentence in a box, they can. And do.

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    2. “He was looking at spending the rest of his life in prison at the lowest rank and under constant threat of harm. ”

      True dat. However, he probably would have been in a max security penitentiary and possibly in solitary there as well. Not that it is a good place for anyone, it would have been the one way to keep him safe. Now, we may never really know.

      Keep in mind that Jared from Subway is doing 12 years (I think) on child porn production charges and he is still alive at this time. Same category as your “short eyes” (that was a new one… I had heard “chomo”).


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