You guys must so proud

Well, I guess since Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t available.

30 thoughts on “You guys must so proud

      1. Thanks.

        As a not “Democrat” I can offer that my opinion about Morrissey is that he is a charismatic opportunist that will take advantage of those that seek to take advantage of or use him.

        The DEMs would be better off without seeking him out or supporting him.

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      2. Speaking of the party that now controls the Commonwealth; I hope they use their newly acquired power thoughtfully.

        There are more than a few “wrongs” that need to be righted….

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  1. I guess you are referring to Morrissey’s wife who had relations with him when she was 17.

    I think Epstein was more interested in much younger girls. And he didn’t marry them. Trump might know more since he and Jeff were friends.

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    1. I am assuming you are familiar with the law somewhat. It is illegal in Va for an adult to have sex with a CHILD under 18 years of age regardless. Democrats elected a CHILD MOLESTER, who spent time in jail for it, to the Senate. You must be so proud.


    1. You’ll have a tough time with that one. Trump barred Epstein from Mar a Lago for assaulting a female employee there in 2011. They are not friends.

      Perhaps you are thinking of Bill Clinton, though I think they had a falling out about the same time. There are no recent connections for either of them that I know of,


      1. Your Trump apologist spin does not work on this one. Trump is on the record with high praise for Mr. Epstein and that was with full knowledge of his sexual preferences.

        And let me go all “conservative” on you – Somebody had him murdered. Why? Was he about to reveal what he knew? Maybe we can get DOJ to investigate? Or, maybe Ukraine?

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      2. “ “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

        15 years of partying with a serial pedophile and his comment rings mighty hollow: “on the younger side” indeed.

        Yes, they did break their friendship, but over a real estate deal they were both bidding on. My guess is that unless Trump was hiring children to work the restaurant at Mar a Lago, the sexual assault story was the usual Trump BS.

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  2. Neither side has a leg to stand on re: Epstein. “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

    As for Morrissey, I’m old enough to remember the Republicans running Roy Moore in 2017. And, rumor has it, he’s running again in 2020.

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    1. “Roy Moore” And the primary will be between him and Jeff Sessions. And one of them will get the nomination. If it is Moore, then the Dems hold. If Sessions, it is back to the Senate for Jeff.


  3. Morrissey got off very easy. I was disgusted by what happened and the “punishment” he received. Sitting in the corner of the House of Delegates during the day and a jail cell at night. Because his charges were dropped to misdemeanor status, he was allowed to run for office again. The fact that people voted for him again is just as disturbing. Cult of personality?

    And there are lots of guys doing hard time for looking at pictures of teenagers and who never laid a hand on anyone underage. It will take them years just to get the right to vote restored, let alone run for office. Money talks?

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    1. The 17 year old he slept with is now his wife. Not excusing that she was a minor according to VA law, but there is a bit more to the story than just an affinity for underage girls.

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      1. It doesn’t matter. There are people that have done 3-5 years in Federal Prison for opening a picture someone else sent them. It should have been a felony conviction and he should not have been allowed to run. And you know how left leaning I am.

        And I have a former friend who married an 18 year old, even though the relationship began when the girl was 16. (I did not know the details until AFTER they were married). And 2 kids later, they are divorced and she is a 24 year old single mother of 2. He was never charged with a crime, but perhaps he should have. Morrissey was charged and got a wrist slap.


        1. It was a felony conviction. 3 year sentence reduced to 12 months.

          I am not excusing his behavior. 33 states have age 16 as the age of consent. But there are laws regarding the maximum age differences.

          But, after serving his sentence, he did marry her.


          1. Forget about excusing HIS behavior, the real problem is the people who voted for him.

            How can any father or woman vote for someone who had a sexual relationship with an underage employee?

            It’s not just a problem with his character, it’s a problem with the character of the people in his district.


          2. “It was a felony conviction.” Then by law he would not have been eligible to run.

            …after serving his sentence, he did marry her.” That does NOT excuse the crime committed.


          3. From
            Virginia is one of only two states (Kentucky is the other) that strips the civil rights of felons and requires a lengthy application process to restore them. This process restores the rights to vote, run for or hold public office, serve on juries and serve as a notary public.

            IF it truly was a felony conviction, he would have to wait three years after he has fulfilled all of his court obligations, including probation, apply for his rights to be restored and have the governor sign the restoration order.

            The way things went down, his felony was reduced to a misdemeanor or he could not have run, by the law. (this is for Len mostly)


        1. “How can any father or woman vote for someone who had a sexual relationship with an underage employee?”

          The same way millions of Americans voted for a man who admitted to sexually assaulting women regularly, even giving advice regarding Tic Tac breath mints. Or ran a fraudulent school and charity that he had to pay heavily for. Or paid pornstars to keep quiet about sex while his wife was giving birth to his child.

          Does that answer your question?

          I did say twice I was not excusing Morrissey, and you keep saying I did. He served time, married the woman and got elected.

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        2. Would I vote for him?

          I don’t know who he was opposing, but if I felt he could do the job, yes.

          I suspect you would hold a grudge forever. But he paid a price for his transgressions. And he married the woman, and is supporting the resultant family. Maybe you fell he should have been nailed to a cross with a sign around his neck. Your choice.

          There is a difference between a serial pedophile like Moore, and this case.

          In a way you remind me of some dog rescue people who will never, ever forgive Michael Vick even though he served time and has been actively supporting humane causes since with both money and time. At some point, forgiveness in the face of contrition by the offender is deserved.

          But if that is your opinion, I am not going to change it here or anywhere.

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