This is why school board elections matter

Dori: Math racist in Seattle Schools according to ‘Math Ethnic Studies Framework’


3 thoughts on “This is why school board elections matter

  1. It may come as a surprise to some that I am not a conservative.

    I know, this might be a bit of a shock, but there I am. Exposed.

    However, if I read the syllabus correctly, that might be the biggest crock of crap I have seen coming out of a supposedly academic setting.

    “Access to mathematical knowledge itself is an act of liberation.”

    Now there’s a revelation! All the well paid STEM jobs require a background in math. Period. So do such fields as economics and medicine. Another period.

    ”Student action, as defined by ethnic studies, is fostering a sense of advocacy, empowerment, and action in the students that creates internal motivation to engage in and contribute to their identities as mathematicians.”

    “Internal motivation”? That means math requires study and hard work or you fail. You can feel all the empowerment you can muster, but if you aren’t Will Hunting, you need to do the homework or pick another career.

    I wonder if everyone gets a BS trophy instead of a diploma?

    Rants over. Back to liberal views again after a little mental vacation.

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  2. example: Lotteries are a tax on those who do not understand probability and statistics, but stupidity is the birthright of those who do not RESEARCH.

    The curriculum in question is not a mathematics curriculum. It’s for the Social Studies department, and we all pretty much know about those folks. “Social Scientist” (aside from being a bit of an oxymoron — only 1 in 20 real scientists have any social skills at all) is kind of like “Sanitation Engineer”; an elevation in name only.

    Mathematics is an art, not a science, and what we learn is the language of thought and reason. By the end of my 3rd year, I would often use sources written in Russian and German. If they’d had them then I would have used any written in Japanese, too. In general, so long as the symbology was “close”, you needn’t have used the accompanying text at all to understand an article, a statement of a theorem or its proof.

    There is a programming language, APL (yes, that’s what it stood for too), known to some old timers that was based strictly on the symbols of mathematics to write high-level machine code. You needed a special keyboard to write it, but reading it could be done by any mathematician in any country.

    The point: Mathematics is its own “culture” and if there is any “racism” to it then it is the racism of those of us who know it toward those who won’t learn it. It can always be given as a gift to any who will take it, or taken by any who desire it. It is not a secret. It is not an intellectual property. Ya can’t get a patent.

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  3. RE: “This is why school board elections matter”

    I’d go a little further: This is why schools shouldn’t be public.


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