Finger pointing all around

Based on the history of this President and his enablers/handlers, I tend to believe the Dems here. They were delivering the message that the House, in a bipartisan manner, said the Turkey decision is bad. Trump doesn’t like being told he made a bad decision.

As my wife tells me “Quitcher bitchin’ and be responsible.”

18 thoughts on “Finger pointing all around

  1. Turkey invades Syria as they said they would do when the Americans left. The goal is to wipe out the Kurdish forces that Turkey considers part of the terrorists that have been fighting for a homeland in eastern a Turkey for decades.

    Erdogan wants a safe zone 30 miles into Syria.

    My question is simple: why can’t Turkey fortify it’s own border rather that create a new one into a sovereign nation. What is the point of pushing back when the Turks will now have defend the new line anyway. Does that become Turkey? Do the current Syrians in that zone become Turks?

    Can we invade Mexico to give us another 20 miles or so of territory to keep out all the drug dealers, rapists and cantaloupe calved runners?

    To top off what is already a foreign policy SNAFU, our president sends a pathetic letter essentially begging Erdogan to pull out. Gee, perhaps a little forethought about the consequences might have been smarter. Instead Trump was worried about fulfilling a campaign promise. Except he is not. We are sending thousands of troops, planes and ships to help Saudi Arabia in its conflict with Iran.

    And the Saudis have some of the most sophisticated and expensive armies in the world. The fact that they are defending the royal family rather than oil facilities is besides the point. Oh, and they are the source of ISIS ideology…and probably funding through back channels.

    “Stable genius”?

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    1. The pooch has been royally screwed.

      Pointing out the hypocrisy of Trump’s actions in the ME is really going to get the Trumpkin’s heads spinning. But they will say it is the right thing to do. Why they think that, I’m not sure. But that is the way it goes. SAD!

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  2. “Turkey invades Syria as they said they would do when the Americans left.”

    No, Erdogan warned they were coming whether we left or not.

    Maybe he was bluffing, maybe not. But would you be praising Trump for calling the bluff if he was writing 28 condolence letters to those soldier’s families today? Then what? Do we go to war with Turkey or just accept an insincere apology?

    We should never have gone into Syria in the first place. Once we were there, there never was a time, nor would there ever be, when someone would not get hurt when we left. Would you rather Trump just kick the can down the road a few months when more lives would be at risk?

    Or was Trump going to be wrong for you no matter which choice he made?

    Trump did not make this mess, There is no neat and clean way out. Sometimes, you just have to accept your losses and walk away.


    1. Yep. Our allies, present and future, are gonna love that sense of commitment. Trump has destroyed the credibility of this country with one phone call and one letter. His version of “I have a phone and a pen”.

      And if Erdogan killed one American, they would be tossed form NATO, and the game would be on.

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      1. It’s not a game. Those are someone’s children, parents, husbands.

        I’m not at all confident our NATO allies would take our side.

        And who would we be at war with? Turkey certainly, but we are in Syria, which is allied with Russia and Iran. How many armies are we going to fight at once?

        What happens when we kill a bunch of Russian ‘advisors’ who get in the way?

        It’s a swirling shit-storm and the only rational thing to do is to get out and learn from it.


        1. Which is why redeployment to Saudi Arabia makes so much sense. We now have 3000 poised for another peace keeping mission. But Trump likes the Saudis because the kissed his butt and bailed him out in the nineties.

          The fact that they murdered an American resident and journalist, bankrolled Al Qaeda, are the source and inspiration for all the Islamic terrorists in the world and didn’t land with us at Normandy all escaped our regime.

          Erdogan has been threatening to invade for a couple of years. He did not because we had special forces with the Kurds. Do you really think Erdogan was going to invade while we were there? He just wanted a political win.

          Yes, prepare for a pullout. Get some concessions and guarantees in place. Make arrangements for the thousands of ISIS prisoners.

          But on impulse so sudden that even our own DOD was caught flat footed?

          That was just plain irresponsible and downright stupid.

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          1. So, had Trump not pulled those ‘hostages’ (they aren’t there as soldiers) out of the way and the Turks had killed them, would you honestly be praising Trump for standing his ground?

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          2. “Standing his ground”

            He wouldn’t have to have done that if he had started negotiating a pull out long ago when Erdogan said what he wanted. Instead he did zip, played golf and tweeted insults until “that’s it, I’m outa here.”

            Your speculating. Erdogan knew better than to kill Americans. That’s why he waited.

            So, back to Saudi Arabia and more American troops.

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        2. ”only rational thing to do is to get out and learn from it.”

          You and I have very different definitions of “rational”.

          Yes it is a “shit-storm”, but there are solutions to resolve it that are certainly more effective than the non-planned for actions that the Puppet-in-Chief has implemented.

          All roads lead to Putin (money).

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          1. @Tabor

            I’d agree that perceptual adjustments and basic understanding of reality are needed.

            FWIW: I will take no pleasure from this Administration’s corrupt house of cards falling down.

            The damage being done to our Country is too severe to take ANY joy in. I just hope it ends sooner than later and adults are put back in charge…

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        3. That was kind of the point in embedding with the Kurds. More to prevent what is happening, not as shields so much, but as a deterrent to Erdogan’s genocidal tendencies towards the Kurds.

          Abandoning allies that have bee as loyal to us as anyone else is just not good practice.

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        4. Look, Doc. I served. 24 plus years of active service. I’m not some bone spur claimin’ debutante. I’ve been there done that. When Obama pulled out of areas in Iraq, particularly the Fallujah region, the Marines who were there were livid. The forces that were embedded with the Kurds feel the same way. And ADM McRaven, former Commander of Special Operations Command put it quite well in a new Op-ED in the Times today.

          “If our promises are meaningless, how will our allies ever trust us? If we can’t have faith in our nation’s principles, why would the men and women of this nation join the military? And if they don’t join, who will protect us? If we are not the champions of the good and the right, then who will follow us? And if no one follows us — where will the world end up?

          President Trump seems to believe that these qualities are unimportant or show weakness. He is wrong. These are the virtues that have sustained this nation for the past 243 years. If we hope to continue to lead the world and inspire a new generation of young men and women to our cause, then we must embrace these values now more than ever.

          And if this president doesn’t understand their importance, if this president doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, both domestically and abroad, then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office — Republican, Democrat or independent — the sooner, the better. The fate of our Republic depends upon it.”

          This administration has climbed into bed with strongmen across the globe. That is NOT what this country is supposed to be about.

          Pelosi was right: “All roads lead to Putin.”

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          1. Your loyalty is admirable. Soldiers should feel that way. If I were in a bad place, I would want people who feel that way coming to get me.

            But where do we stop?

            There is no point, past or future, when we could pull out and someone not be put at risk. The same was true in Vietnam. We stayed a long time because if we left those we fought with would face repercussions. 50,000 dead sons, husbands and fathers later, we left and sure enough, our supporters were punished.

            We lost 50,000 good men for exactly the same result as had we left early on.

            Show me how it would be any different if we stayed in Syria another decade.

            What is the end game? When do we have the parade and come home?

            We have to have a goal that can be achieved, not an endless obligation.


          2. @Tabor
            There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. “You have 30 minutes to get out” is not the way to do this. Erdogan told Trump he wanted the Kurds gone, so he better get the US troops in place out of the way. Fine. Trump should have said, “Give me 10 days to get things worked out with my commanders”. Easy. Erdogan would have gotten what he wanted. The Kurds would have had a chance to vacate the “safe zone” area, and none of this would have happened.

            That is one positive scenario. Abandoning ship when you haven’t even found the hole is ludicrous. As is this entire Administration.

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          3. @Tabor

            Yes, Mr, Green‘S “loyalty is admirable” and your false equivalency to Vietnam is absurd.

            Your endless questions about when and how to leave are the issues at hand. The point you continue to miss and won’t address is that your hero’s approach was and is a disaster.

            A few well placed troops to keep ISIS in check and the region stable was a win/win that is now a loss for the US and a win for Iran, Russia, and Turkey. It’s pretty simple if you read and think about it with an open mind.

            Defending stupid must be exhausting for you.

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