Be on the lookout

OK, I’ve noticed something curious on TV lately that isn’t important but has aroused my curiosity.

In the background of a number of Network series, Netflix programs and several commercials, flocks of impossibly large birds fly by in silhouette.  When you take into account perspective, they would have to be the size of small to medium airplanes, so they aren’t real, they are an added effect.

They play no part in the commercial or program, they are just briefly visible.

Is that some kind of inside joke by the video people? Or a signature for some effects company? Or just decoration?

6 thoughts on “Be on the lookout

  1. Don, can you name a few specifics. I am not a NETFLIX guy and most of the TV I watch this time of year is sports related (except for the previously posted Wheel of Fortune, and more importantly, Jeopardy!). However, I would like to tray and find an answer to your question.


    1. OK, I noticed them before I started keeping track.

      I have seen them on the Netflix series “The Ranch”

      Also on both Allstate and Gieco commercials,

      I’ll start keeping track of specifics, but I have not really seen a pattern of where they show up.

      I really just noticed them because I thought they were too big,


      1. Understood. Like I said, I’m just trying to help you figure it out. I’ll keep looking as well as there are a lot of GEICO ads on sports broadcasts. (And it is GEICO….Government Employee Insurance Company)


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