Has the Time Come to Put Down Lawlessness, Insurrection and Rebellion?


This essay is somewhat esoteric, but after watching the Antifa violence after the Trump rally last night, I think the writer is thinking straight.

At a minimum, should Antifa violence at political events continue to escalate prosecutions for sedition would be appropriate.

10 thoughts on “Has the Time Come to Put Down Lawlessness, Insurrection and Rebellion?

      1. Thank you for posting this.

        I looked for the violence the chyron was talking about, but saw NOTHING. I saw protesters confront a MAGA hat wearing gentleman, but no violent acts. I saw people exercising their 1A rights. I saw police standing there protecting people and property, but nothing indicating violence.

        I also heard Mark Meadows making a BS statement about protecting 1A rights while saying that those who are not supportive of Trump cannot have them. That the mayor of Minneapolis OVERCHARGED for security for Trump’s rally with no backing facts.

        Maybe you should consider following Shep Smith’s example and walk away from baseless statements and factless reporting.

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        1. Word is that Smith was bring “pressured” and beat trump media to the punch. I wonder if Wallace is next?

          I searched the Antifa stuff and it was just another attempt to deflect and distract based on…..nothing.

          Somebody here would would be well served to stay away from the conspiracy websites…

          Just sayin.

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  1. Read the piece. It came off to me as a call for Trump to take over the country a la Erdogan in Turkey. Fitting considering how things are going there and the recent deal between an authoritarian and a wannabe. The lack of understanding of the separation of powers and the Constitutional duties of the Legislative (Art I) and Executive (Art II) (Notice which comes first?) is disheartening. And scary.

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