More Russian Connections!

Something more for all the Trump apologists to try to spin away. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along!

Meanwhile, the Kurds who lost more than 10,000 lives fighting ISIS on our behalf are being slaughtered by Trump’s buddy Erdogan because our Dear Leader does not think he needs to take advice before making decisions. That is just what a stable genius of great and unmatched wisdom does.

If anybody thinks this is a cowardly and immoral betrayal – no worries. After all the Kurds didn’t do a thing to help us on D-Day.

17 thoughts on “More Russian Connections!

  1. “ Kurds didn’t do a thing to help us on D-Day” Really sums up the insanity of trump’s world view.

    He continues to shame us on a daily basis. We made a commitment and even encouraged them to move defensive positions back from the border. Pictures are on the way and excuses will follow.

    Any defense of this POS is increasingly indicative of a weak and delusional mind.

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  2. “Kurds didn’t do a thing to help us on D-Day”

    I saw that C-Span clip and for a brief time I thought it was a comic impersonator on SNL. (Damn, he was good, too.)

    There are about 30 million Kurds and they sacrificed 10,000 helping the US against ISIS. That would be like us losing 110,000 or more that twice the Vietnam casualties.

    And think about this mr. president: how many American lives were spared because of the Kurds’ sacrifices? As so called “commander in chief”, I am sure you were aware of such things.

    Here’s the thing:

    Erdogan is a dictator.

    He doesn’t like Kurds.

    Trump has major investments in Turkey.

    He does like dictators.

    He doesn’t give a crap about Kurds.

    They don’t stay in Trump Towers Istanbul.

    “Follow the money” doesn’t get any simpler than that folks.

    (I wonder if Trump’s phone calls with Erdogan are “perfect”?)

    This is a good example why Presidents who control, execute and often determine foreign policy need to reveal tax returns, particularly if they have foreign investments, business partners and loans.

    Finally, I am proud to be an American but ashamed of our president.

    Really ashamed.

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  3. As the day progresses it becomes increasingly obvious to all patriotic Americans that trump and his Administration are humiliating our Country, as we continue turning our backs on an ally that trusted and counted on our promised support and protection for their sacrifices.

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  4. Please try to keep one topic per post.

    Regarding our Kurdish allies, It is not as simple as you make it out. Our alliance does not extend to their territorial claims in Turkey, and they are fomenting a separatist rebellion inside Turkey. Turkey wants their troops in Syria back at least 20 miles from the border.

    Within that 20 mile buffer, we had about 50 troops. obstensibly as advisors, but in reality as human shields. They were there so that Turkey would not strike at the Kurds there for fear of harming Americans.

    But we really don’t soldiers for that. Any Americans would do.

    So, how about you volunteer your beautiful ballerina as a substitute hostage for one of those soldiers? After all, if their value as a human shield is not worth her life, it is not worth the lives of those soldiers either. They are someone’s child too.

    The middle east is FUBAR. It has been since the British arbitrarily carved up the Ottoman Empire. Shielding the Kurds will not change that, it just kicks the can down the road. Whether we stay or leave, it will still be FUBAR and it will remain such until the people who live there realign the borders themselves.


    1. “one topic per post”

      My apologies, I see your point. In my defense the web of corruption is so extensive I sometimes lose track of which outrage/embarrassment I’m commenting on.

      I should have stuck to the Giuliani treason in Ukraine and NOT the trump treason in Turkey.

      I’ll work harder to keep the transgressions straight (no promises)….

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    2. @Tabor
      Always finding a way to make excuses for your Dear Leader. You are clearly one of those witnesses to a murder on Fifth Avenue crowd that Trump brags about. Even though this BETRAYAL is worse and costing far more than one life, you still want to pretend it is okay.

      As for my ballerina daughter being deployed to Syria to block the Turkish army, that is a very childish suggestion. My daughter is not a member of the United States Military. Her role is not to go where the Commander-in-chief says they she is needed. We have a grossly bloated military establishment for that.

      In the case of Syria they are serving the same purpose that our military in Germany served during the Cold War – not as “human shields” but as a tripwire that effectively deterred aggression against our allies. The Kurds are our allies. They did the heavy lifting against ISIS and do not deserve this BETRAYAL.

      Sure the situation is complicated which is even more reason why the Kandy Kolored Klown should be removed from office. His ignorance-infused shooting from the hip is already costing lots of lives and has made a bad situation worse.

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      1. Humans shields, hostages, tripwires, all the same thing.

        Our soldiers volunteered to serve their country, not be used as sacrificial pawns for someone else’s territorial claims.

        The Kurds were our allies against ISIS and Al Qaida because they were a common threat to us both, that does not require us to support their claims to a homeland. (I am sympathetic to their desire, but it is not our national interest)

        If you want to back them, ask your Representative in Congress for a declaration of war against Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria to help the Kurds obtain their turf. Until then, there is no justification for committing our troops on their behalf for any purpose other than fighting our common enemy.

        And I am not the least surprised that your opinion changes when it is YOUR child’s life put at risk. You are as much a spendthrift with other people’s children as other people’s money.


        1. Nobody said we have to support their claims to a homeland. And none of this was about making war on ANYBODY. And my daughter has nothing to do with it. You are just plain full of shit. As almost always on almost every subject.

          All Trump had to do was “just say no” to Erdogan when he sought the green light to attack our ally. If he had, the current offensive against them and the mounting bloodshed would not be going on. But, according to insiders he was “rolled.” What is particularly tragic is that we have no idea how much Trump’s personal financial interests played into his decision to cave to Turkey’s strongman and throw our allies under the bus. Or whether Putin is pulling the strings.

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          1. “Nobody said we have to support their claims to a homeland.”

            What the heck do you think the Kurdish troops on the Turkish border are about?

            Many of those troops are of the Kurdistan Workers Party, a terrorist organization operating across the border into Turkey.


            Erdogan is a thug, and drifting toward Islamic radicalism, but Turkey does have a legitimate position in this dispute.

            There is no way we should get in the middle of this, or we’ll find ourselves in another endless war.

            If we shield the Kurds from Turkey, what is the end game? How do we have a parade and come home?


          2. You are vainly trying to make something simple, complicated.

            The Kurds are our allies and have been for decades.
            Trump betrayed them without any warning or plan or consultation.
            That is a bad thing.
            It will have bad consequences for our allies, for ourselves and for the Turks.

            By the way, Trump lied yet again. There WERE Kurdish regiments fighting with us in World War 2. Part of British forces.

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  5. “The Kurds were our allies against ISIS and Al Qaida because they were a common threat to us both, that does not require us to support their claims to a homeland.”

    Well, considering the number of Americans that did not die because of the Kurd’s brave commitments I would think the least we could do is demand that Turkey stay within its own borders.

    Sorry, but this reeks and Trump is a turncoat.

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    1. If Al Qaida were occupying parts of Mexico, and coming across the the border to commit acts of terrorism in the US, would we not cross the border and clean them out?

      The PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) is on the border and Turkey wants a 20 mile buffer zone on their border.

      They are not trying to wipe put the Kurds, either in Syria or in Turkey, but they do have a point about terrorists on their border.


      1. It is only Turkey that consider the Kurdish group a terrorist organization. The are not internationally recognized as such.

        Also, the Turkish plan, as reported yesterday by NPR, is for that buffer zone to extend 350 mile to the Iraqi border. And if you don’t believe that indicates a desire to wipe out the Kurds, then you are blinder than a bat.

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      2. Bottom line: Turkey is invading Syria to take land and expand Turkey. Calling it a “buffer” is just plain BS.

        Your Mexico analogy would be similar if Trump were allowed to perpetuate his lie that we apprehended 4,000 terrorists at the southern border so we invade Mexico and permanently take over 20 miles inland.

        Would the people living there now be Americans? What laws are they under?

        Will the Syrians become Turks? What laws will they be under?

        If Turkey invades Syria, they are declaring war on Syria.

        Remember, too, that the US started this whole mess by invading and occupying Iraq and giving fuel and fodder to the Islamic extremists.

        This is very complicated, but for us to just ignore the coming slaughter is not right. We are very much involved with those who fought for us to destroy ISIS.


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  6. ISIS was just across the border from Turkey and the Kurds did the heavy lifting for everyone in the region, including us and Turkey.

    I am not suggesting a war with Turkey. Just tell Erdogan to stay inside his borders. We provide aid and arms to that petty SOB so “Art of the Deal” should do more than just go “tsk, tsk, that is bad”.

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