11 thoughts on “Maybe CNN really IS “fake news.”

  1. What am I supposed to see? A facial color variation?

    As a high school friend’s dad used to joke, “There are those in this country who watch baseball on their color TVs being played on orange grass under a purple sky just so that Williie Mays is white.”

    Is it a blue and white dress, or a gold and white dress?

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    1. They’re adding Gorbachev age spots that aren’t there and making him look red and flushed in his first interview after his heart attack (where he suddenly doesn’t have the age spots).

      Fox News territory.


      1. Ach so, I see. You are correct. In pages and pages of Bernie photos, no such age spots appear in the slightest.

        We will have to wait for the actual comparison to Fox. If it is questioned, someone at CNN will be fired, then hired in to a promotion at Fox.


  2. To be honest, his campaign ended as soon as the health issue arose. He is going to stay in it, but I don’t see Dems nominating him at this point.

    As far as the “touch ups go: Bad juju by CNN and someone should get fired.


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