NYT and WSJ running stories from the same NW PA city on the same day? WTH?


I can’t read the WSJ story (pay wall). I did read the NYT piece. I just thought it strange that 2 of the most widely read national publications went to Erie, PA at a similar time. One for a story on Obama-Trump voters, one a story about trying to save the city.

Full disclosure: I grew up in Erie and left in 1984. I didn’t know any one at the old GE plant and every other industry was going or gone. The only option was the military as my academic career had, shall we say, partied out.

I was there Labor Day weekend for a Memorial Service for my mother, who had moved to Suffolk to be closer to family. I drove around town in dismay at how bad it had gotten. Even some of the nicer middle class neighborhoods appeared to be struggling. What was once a hotbed of production has become so downtrodden, I’m not sure anyone, Democrat or Republican can save it.

3 thoughts on “NYT and WSJ running stories from the same NW PA city on the same day? WTH?

    1. Won’t get a rebuttal from me.

      We did find a great little cottage on vrbo.com as opposed to a motel. Near a park and convenient enough for the rest of the 2 days we were there.


      1. Spent a couple of days in York, PA this summer. Oh, if I were young again.

        That’s a town ripe for rehab. Downtown is a lot of relatively cheap old rowhouses and brownstones, reminds me of Ghent in the 70s and 80s, robust nightlife, two colleges, big hospital complex, and construction all around the edges of town. Some industry left, Harley-Davidson and others. The southern towns are easy reach of Baltimore (40 minutes).

        A couple of trainloads of Git-Rot and some white paint…


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