5 thoughts on “Free Thought Project: Despite repeated calls for the banning of “assault” rifles, the FBI’s own data shows that knives are used to kill 5 times as many people.

  1. As the great Archie Bunker once quipped, “So Little Girl, would you prefer dey t’row ’em out the winda?”

    It’s an incomplete statistic at best. The problem being that often, the type of firearm in the FBI report and supporting data, is not distinguished. The 2016 data has, according to FBI, 11,004 of the 15,070 murders in the United States were committed with a firearm of some type, and only 374 were clearly identified as rifles, but more than 3,200 just had gun or gun of type “other”.

    What is clear is that handguns (~7,000 of the 11,004) are far more likely to be used than assault rifles.

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  2. The ONLY thing these types of “statistics” show is that we really should enforce our laws on the gathering of data. In the 90s, federal laws were created that demanded the police act professionally (laws largely ignored by the States and the police departments, or blocked by the NRA) and report all kinds of information on firearm use — by cops and civilians.

    Because the laws were inadequately applied, we get nothing and we have to rely on the press to gather the data, and the FBI, CDC, etc., has to attempt to collect it from the papers and what few police departments that happen to think it’s a good idea to report it.

    What sticks with me was a Buffalo NY reporter heard about a dog killed by a police officer. He decided to sift through and find out how many times dogs get shot by cops — the investigation found that police in that city killed 92 dogs over three years, with one officer having killed 26. (Cat lover??)

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