Marc Thiessen provides some clarity on Ukraine.

Despite massive press efforts to conflate them, there are two separate efforts in play between President Trump and the Ukraine. First, there is a request for cooperation with a Dept of Justice investigation of the Intelligence Services involvement in the counterintelligence effort mounted against the Trump campaign under US Attorney John Durham. Then there is opposition research conducted by Rudy Giuliani directed more toward the conflicts of interest regarding Joen and Hunter Biden.

Both are entirely legal, but while making US aid contingent on cooperation in the official investigation would be standard practice, cooperation with Giuliani’s research must be voluntary. There is nothing in the transcript of the phone call, nor any other documentation we have seen so far to indicate that line was crossed.

15 thoughts on “Marc Thiessen provides some clarity on Ukraine.

  1. Here is the best line from the piece: “Durham is no partisan actor. Despite political pressure, he cleared the CIA of wrongdoing during the Obama administration.”

    To a ghoul like Marc Thiessen, there can be no better measure of one’s integrity than declaring rampant torture by an unaccountable agency to be necessary and good.

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  2. First of all, the Durham investigation is a joke. It was launched to add weight to Trump’s lying denials of what we all know was going on and to intimidate our law enforcement and national security agencies. Thiessen’s use of this phrasing

    “. . . official inquiry by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign during the 2016 election”

    shows him to be a partisan hack. The counterintelligence campaign was NOT directed at the Trump campaign. It was directed against the Russians. If the Trump campaign had not entwined itself with them they would never have become involved in that effort.

    The very silly people who buy this “deep state” garbage never can answer the simple question I have raised numerous times – if it was an effort to hurt Trump and help Clinton WHY was her campaign destroyed while these Russian connections kept secret?

    As for continuing to pretend that this Ukraine criminality was merely “opposition research conducted by Rudy Giuliani” you embarrass yourself. Bigly! Already the information in public makes it clear that Ukraine was being extorted to open a completely bogus investigation for completely bogus reasons. While desperately trying to resist Russian military pressure the Ukraine government was stabbed in the back by this purely political effort. Disgraceful.

    First Trump sells-out the Ukraine to Putin, the news this morning is that Trump is selling out the Kurds to Erdogan. Criminal gangsters seem to stick together.

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      1. Funny, but true.

        The enablers can push”opposition research” and “corruption concerns” till they’re blue in the face, but facts are stubborn things and will win-out.

        The deflection strategies are increasingly unbelievable or as Perot might have said, “that dog won’t hunt”….

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      2. Well, they were, they just did it unlawfully.

        They had reason to believe that the DNC was providing logistical support to violent demonstrators who followed Agnew around the country wherever he spoke. The DNC was providing airfare and bail money The plumbers were looking for the receipts.

        But burglary was not the way to go about it.


        1. “Well, they were, they just did it unlawfully.”

          So you understand the concept. Good. There’s a glimmer of hope for you after all.

          “But burglary was not the way to go about it.”

          Neither is bribery, abuse of power, and theft by fraud, aka “quid pro quo” where the quid is misappropriated Federal funds (weapons) and the quo is information for personal gain.

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  3. “Marc Thiessen provides some clarity” ??

    Another straw grasped by another patrician attempting to provide cover via deflection. To reference it as “clarity” is laughable.

    Regardless, the evidence to oust the Abuser of Power is already in plain sight and being augmented daily. With a second Whistleblower now confirming more aspects of the overt criminality of this Administration it is only a matter of time.

    Tick. Tick. Tick…

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        1. Nope.

          Opposition research by private campaign agents is not unlawful.

          Neither is requesting cooperation in a lawful investigation, no matter who the target is.

          If you think it is unlawful. please explain how, and explain how Giuliani’s actions would be unlawful, and the purchase of the Steele Dossier not.


          1. Yep,

            And wow, please see the Perot quote. The fact your blind hatred has allowed you to convince yourself of this silly justification “theory” is sad and pathetic.

            This is about trump, not Giuliani, period.

            Steele Dossier??

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          2. “Opposition research?”
            Simply dishonest or just plain dumb? There is no third choice.

            A “political representative” (your phrase for what Rudy is) of candidate Trump sits down with the President of a foreign country and says to him “Do you know of any criminal behavior by Joe Biden?” THAT would be “opposition research.”

            Or candidate Trump hires a foreign sleuth and charges him to “look around, talk to people in the Ukraine and find me some dirt on Joe Biden and write a report.” THAT would be “opposition research.”

            BUT a political representative” (your phrase for what Rudy is) of candidate Trump sits down with the President of a foreign country and says to him “Have your people dig up some dirt on Joe Biden.” THAT is a violation of the law which forbids soliciting campaign help of any kind from a foreign person or organization.

            The crime is EXPONENTIALLY compounded when the authority of the President and his ability (not authority!) to withhold Congressionally approved military aid is used to pressure acquiesce to the demand for a “favor.” Not just by the “political representative” but by the President himself.

            If you still do not understand what all the fuss is about then the answer to the question above is sadly obvious.

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          3. @Tabor

            The fact that you refuse the 3 sources I referenced that confirm clear violation of the US code does not qualify as me not having a response. You seek to hide from the facts by asking for me to educate you as to the obvious.

            Embarrassing, but not surprising.

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