Is this the “Smoking text?”

Chris Hayes does a brilliant job of explaining the state of play including the significance of Thursday’s text dump.

The “smoking text” referred to is from the Kiev chargé d’affaires , a career diplomat named Bill Taylor. He sent this text after being told by the Trump donor and Ambassador to the EU to only speak of this matter on the phone . . .

“As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.”

7 thoughts on “Is this the “Smoking text?”

  1. Is Chris Hayes a news reader or a comedian?

    It doesn’t matter. Let’s assume that the conspiracy he alleges is true: That senior foreign service officers at DoS conspired with the White House to extort political opposition research from the president of Ukraine.

    To prove the conspiracy in a way the public will accept requires proving that our aid to Ukraine was linked specifically to the opposition research President Trump allegedly wanted. You need both the “quid” and the “pro”.

    Unfortunately for some in the tinfoil hat set, that linkage is just an inference. It is no different than the inference that Joe Biden committed illegal extortion to get the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Barisma fired. Lots of people see it, but no one can prove it.

    A further complication is that our president is fully authorized, both constitutionally and by treaty, to request legal assistance from Ukraine. He has this authority regardless of the target of the legal assistance he requests. And in this case, the request may turn up nothing.

    I’m guessing, though, that Chris Hayes and his ilk are actually fearful that Ukraine might confirm corruption related to our 2016 election that they don’t want to hear about. Hence the elaborate comedy routine.


    1. I don’t think the texts are signs of a conspiracy. They are more like “holy sh*t, did he really say that?” followed by “call me” (and let’s discuss without a text trail). Then re-texting as if to say “I’m not part of this mess”.

      In my opinion, the current White House is too leaky and full of “every man for himself” people for any kind of conspiracy in this case. Trump’s one way loyalty style is catching up to him.

      Reaping and sowing come to mind.

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    2. You missed the point. The professional Foreign Service Officers were NOT in on the conspiracy but they were given illegal orders from more senior political appointees. The ambassador to the EU whom Bill Taylor had this exchange with, for example, is a real estate mogul who donated $1 million to Trump’s campaign.

      Maybe you did not understand the smoking text? Bill Taylor went out of his way to leave a paper trail on the quid pro quo aspect of these crimes. Here, read it again . . .

      “As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.”

      The rats are leaving the sinking ship. Soon Moscow Mitch will be brokering a resignation deal. Won’t that be a relief? You can stop feigning stupidity in order to defend Trump. You are feigning, right?

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      1. RE: “The rats are leaving the sinking ship.”

        Yes, that’s the conspiracy theory.

        But as I said, there’s not much to it.


  2. Trump’s appeal to many is that he’s breaking the political norms. I get that.

    His supporters were fed up with being ignored by the “elites” of both parties. The recession really hurt many in the working classes and the recovery was bypassing them. I get that, too.

    And of course Clinton was the wrong standard bearer for a variety of reason, fair and unfair.

    Unfortunately, Trump was not the reformer we needed. Essentially, he is business as usual. Cushy “reforms” for his pals, healthcare still out of reach for many, education too expensive and wages still stagnant. And now we see that manufacturing is down and annual growth is meh.

    In order to change course for our huge “ship of state”, the captain needs to know some fundamentals of how things actually work in government. One clue: it is not like running a bunch of real estate deals. You can’t bailout when things go south and then ask dad for money. Or stiff the vendors and banks.

    To make things worse, Trump doesn’t seem interested in learning. How can he? His tantrums are legendary and he spends most of his time watching TV, golfing, and on tweeting rampages.

    The outgrowth of the lack of interest in learning governance, political leadership and statecraft is this incredible series of missteps. So at this point, the staff in the Executive Branch are starting to cover their butts. And he has few, if any, advisors who are not sycophants.

    The texts in the above link are indicative of a serious gash below the ship’s waterline. And for those who served in the Navy, there isn’t a DC plug big enough to patch it.


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