A letter from the “bubble” evidently


It turn out that Trump lied about Veterans bill passed by Obama in 2014.


So the LTE believed the rally that the bill Obama signed was Trump’s all along.

True, Trump continued the program. That was the right thing to do, of course. Oh well, the murder on Fifth Avenue is still the benchmark.

I think I’ll stick to Avenue of the America’s (6th Avenue).

4 thoughts on “A letter from the “bubble” evidently

  1. RE: “It turn out that Trump lied about Veterans bill passed by Obama in 2014.”

    Where’s the lie? According to your own link: “Trump did sign the VA Mission bill, which permits veterans to have a private doctor if their wait time is 20 days (28 days in the case of specialty care) or if their drive is 30 minutes”


  2. “President Trump at his 2020 campaign kickoff rally on Tuesday took credit for passing a veteran’s health care bill that was signed into law by former President Obama.

    “We passed VA Choice,” he said, referring to a bill that allows veterans to seek health options outside the Veterans Affairs-run system. “You go out now, you get a doctor, you fix yourself up, the doctor sends us the bill, we pay for it. And you know what? It doesn’t matter because the life and the veteran is more important, but we also happen to save a lot of money doing that.”

    “They’ve been trying to get that passed also for about 44 years,” he added.”

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    1. I get all that. The point is, the VA Mission bill was a wholesale replacement of the prior VA Choice program, which many claimed wasn’t working. The “lie” you are calling out is really just a matter of replacing an old program that wasn’t living up to its name with a program that actually delivers healthcare choices to veterans.

      Its not really a lie to claim credit for accomplishing the goals the old program failed to achieve. Maybe its a clever insult to Obama, but it is not a lie.


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