I guess this is just Trump being Trump…or is it?


Is posting this quote from a supposed “man of the cloth” a not so veiled threat of violence should the president be impeached and convicted?

What Jeffress seems to ignore is that in order to remove Trump, 40% of Republican Senators need to vote for conviction. Which side of the barriers will they and their constituents shoot from?

It is bad enough that we have to cover the taxes that Jeffress and his organization don’t pay while he blathers on about killing and maiming for political purposes.

For our president to agree with, put a stamp of approval on, and tacitly encourage such violence to his millions of followers is criminal.

(Is this the “murdering someone on Fifth Avenue” moment?)

I have not been in favor of impeachment as a method of removing this president. But I do think the inquiries should continue. They will either clear him or expose him as a criminal unfit for the office.

Yes, we might get Pence for a few months. But not much damage from him in an election year anyway.


22 thoughts on “I guess this is just Trump being Trump…or is it?

  1. EVERYONE around this Presidential Clown deserves the negative outcomes that are coming their way.

    The constant lying is now SOP for everyone trying to save this corrupt Administration. Since they can’t defend the indefensible it seems to be all that’s left to them. Even Republicans (the rational ones) are turning on him.

    If Republicans want to hold the WH they better find an electable candidate…

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    1. Of course if the Democrats want to take the WH they also need an electable candidate.

      I think Warren is it.

      Almost more important is to take the Senate.


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      1. Although Elizabeth Warren does not really leave me enthused, I would certainly back her with every ounce of enthusiasm I have if it means getting this supremely lacking individual out of the WH. I will work my backside off (well, maybe not OFF . . . ) to get that daily s-storm of an administration hauled back to NYC.

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      2. I am also a Warren fan. I have very little use for any Democrats who are not 100% behind a rapid implementation of Medicare-for-all. It is the one reform that would do the most to make life in these United States better for everyone. Less anxiety, better health, more personal freedom and no more threat of medical bankruptcy hanging over more than half the population.

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  2. “If Republicans want to hold the WH they better find an electable candidate…”

    Well, don’t forget, Jimmie, that the Un-American illegitimate president in the WH now was ELECTABLE (with the help of Russia, Putin, Assange, Comey, of course.) Sure, millions of intelligent people – from all parties – thought ‘djt’ had not a chance in the world of winning due to his crassness, the crassness of his his family, and his loathing of everyone with an opinion other than his. Yet, in the WH he sits. So, I would just just tweak your statement above to be –

    ‘If Republicans want to hold the WH they should find an electable candidate who has the mouth of a decent American (which ‘djt’ doesn’t.) To have at least one clue about American government and know that there are three branches of that government (which ‘djt’ doesn’t.) A GOP challenger should know that the Oval Office is only in one of those chambers. Whoever the GOP would put up to challenge ‘djt’, would hopefully have (at least) read the Constitution. And, last but not least, a ‘djt’ GOP opponent would be served well to know what the words ‘diplomacy’ and ‘decorum’ mean. JMMHO. /

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  3. RE: “Is posting this quote from a supposed ‘man of the cloth’ a not so veiled threat of violence should the president be impeached and convicted?”

    No, it isn’t. The suggestion is just crazy talk.


      1. I mean it is not a threat of any kind, veiled or otherwise. Jeffries uses common words according to their standard definitions. In this case the operative phrase is “a Civil War like fracture.”


        1. These guys certainly thought he was talking about violence. Notice the distinction between “hot” and “cold” civil war.

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        2. RE: “These guys certainly thought he was talking about violence.”

          So what? Is it your intention to endorse their bad thinking?


          1. So what? Are you really too stupid to understand that the President even hinting at a civil war should he be removed by Constitutional process is actually a very bad thing for him to do?

            Let me ask my Magic Eight Ball . . . Hmmm . . . “Signs point to yes.”

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          2. The real stupidity is believing that a relatively unrmarkable tweet might be an impeachable offense.


    1. “Crazy talk”?

      Well, what is it if not suggesting violence?

      This is not a tweet from some disgruntled voter. This is the president of the United States talking to 40 million followers.

      “Keep me in office or America will be destroyed by civil war.”

      That is the crazy talk.

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        1. Dog whistles imply a subtle coding.

          Ain’t nothin’ subtle about “civil war like fracture”.

          Look at any country in the midst or in the aftermath of a civil war, including our own 150 years ago. The death and destruction would be unimaginable.

          I think our country is stronger than the amoral leadership in the White House today. We came through the terror bombings, riots and assassinations of the 1960’s.

          We can certainly weather this “twitter chief” and his attempts to extort loyalty to his regime by fear mongering and intimidation.

          And who do these “Oath Keepers” think they are?

          As a nation we went through the Clinton impeachment, which was the right not accepting the wins by the Democrats. I don’t believe civil war was part of the agenda. I don’t believe Clinton accused anyone of treason or made threats of violence.

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        2. RE: “I don’t believe civil war was part of the agenda.”

          Its not part of the agenda now, except among people with overheated imaginations.

          Pastor Jeffries’ statement is hyperbolic, but he’s not alone in expecting current levels of polarization to intensify. You, yourself, have argued that wealth inequality in the U.S. could inspire discord. With or without Trump, the topic is on people’s minds.


  4. Something that actually is “crazy” is the President’s own IG having to take time out to correct the lies coming from the President.

    Real-time fact checking from the IG on Administration lies??

    Now THAT’S “nuts”…

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