Amber Guyger’s Murder Trial Heads to Jury After Closing Statements

Jurors are being permitted to consider the Castle Doctrine in Guyger’s defense. Apparently, you’re allowed to “stand your ground” in someone else’s castle too.

I wonder if the judge would have allowed this defense had she not been a cop, or if the racial dynamics were different.

7 thoughts on “Amber Guyger’s Murder Trial Heads to Jury After Closing Statements

  1. Yeah, that’s just wrong. If she gets away with this, a whole lot of estranged spouses are gonna die in Texas.

    “Well, I used to live in the house. I got confused while driving home, went to the wrong house, and when I saw someone in the kitchen, (bathroom, shower, bed, closet, etc.) I just blew ’em away.

    But, there’s NO chance it could EVER happen again…

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  2. Good thing it wasn’t someone’s birthday and friends held a surprise party. It could have been a mass shooting.

    Castle Doctrine defense? That is beyond absurd. She was the armed intruder due to negligence. Wrong floor, wrong doormat, wrong key and evidently the wrong personality to be an armed policewoman.

    There has to be some culpability. Heck, that young man in Chesapeake got 10 years for protecting himself during a break in by an out of control SWAT team.

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    1. Moot? Not when the judge issued the instructions for being able to consider Castle Doctrine.

      That was the point of the outrage. And that means other judges might repeat that fiasco.

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      1. Fair enough. Luckily, the IMPARTIAL jury saw the truth, regardless of the judge putting the idea in their heads that what she did was defensible. Maybe the jury delivered a message to other judges not to try and repeat the fiasco.


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