Actual Presidential Statement

At the Constitutional Convention, James Madison argued that the document would need a provision “for defending the community against the incapacity, negligence, or perfidy of the Chief Magistrate.”

Madison, at least, thought this kind of intellectual disability was grounds for impeachment. Plus, we have added the 25th Amendment. Time to act.

7 thoughts on “Actual Presidential Statement

  1. His quote will make sense and be completely agreed to by some (maybe on this forum) that read it.

    However, for those who recognize delusional insanity for what it is, probably not.

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    1. “”impeachment for “intellectual disability?”” Naw that would happened a couple of years ago.

      And since “no charges” have turned out to be false yet, I guess we’ll see what transpires…

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    2. “Is that because the other charges turned out to be false?”

      Not too ridiculous. Trump is a con man and a criminal who thinks the law is for the little people. Just as an example, as part of his campaign he literally bragged about bribing public officials.

      No, the point of this is the URGENCY with which we must act. Trump is a sick old man who continues to make disastrous decisions and may even want to take us all with him at any moment. The chances of him trying to do that are non-zero.

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