Insanely effing stupid.

“When assessing the president’s suitability for the role he currently occupies, it’s easy to get caught up on things like, he is making American policy towards other countries while their governments put money in his pocket. Or he has hired a bunch of lobbyists to regulate industries on whose behalf they were recently lobbyingOr he instituted a regime of human-rights abuses at the southern border. Or he said very fine people march alongside Nazis. Or, most recently, he pressured a foreign power to interfere in an American presidential election for his personal political gain, a betrayal of his oath of office and the nation he purports to lead.

But there’s something else to consider in all of this. The president, you see, is insanely fucking stupid.”

31 thoughts on “Insanely effing stupid.

    1. @Tabor
      Yes he is. A ill-conceived publicity stunt gone badly wrong. For him – he could end up and jail and is already a laughing stock – and for the country.

      But his victory is an important reminder of the power of lying Stalinist propaganda on weak minds. The GOP slime machine managed to demonize her with one phony charge after another going back decades. You, for example, have frequently disgraced yourself by spreading these “alternative facts.” All the more pitiful as you continue to support someone who is actually corrupt to the core.

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    2. RE: “And yet he is President and Hillary is not, on his first run for public office.”

      True, and you can’t argue with success.

      The fascinating thing to watch with Trump is how his opponents routinely blow themselves up. The pattern is so predictable that you can almost imagine Trump plotted the whole Ukrainian whistleblower story just to tease his rivals into self-destruction.

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        1. I have never witnessed the level of denial that I’m seeing from the trump base. It truly amazes me how facts and in-plan-sight corruption can be discounted and rationalized away.

          I’ve made a living as a professional negotiator and have told junior people repeatedly that there is ALWAYS a basis for finding some version of a win/win outcome.

          With the combination of ignorance and denial throughout the trump cult I’m not sure that’s true in this case.

          SAD, very sad…

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    3. Yes, he is president and Sect. Clinton is not. That doesn’t in any way change the very real fact that Hillary and ANY of the others who seriously ran for president in the 2016 primaries/caucuses would have been head and shoulders taller in the Oval Office than the guy who did nothing but perform as a TV ‘reality show host’.

      Sad for our country, but, oh so true.

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      1. The country has done just fine with Trump. Better than I expected.

        And were the Democrats actually seeking compromise and consensus instead of trying for 3 years to undo the election they lost, we could be doing even better.

        The behavior of the Democrats since Hillary lost are proof of why they, and she, cannot be trusted with power.

        Nothing can be accomplished in Congress while the President is under threat of impeachment, as any project or expenditure directed to any Congressional district or State could be construed as seeking to influence votes on impeachment or as appeasement.

        Democrats have to choose, keep trying to replace Trump with Pence, or govern the country in the people’s interest.

        If you don’t like that characterization, too bad, because that will be the issue every Democrat in Congress will have to defend to his voters in 2020.

        I guess you think Trump must indeed be stupid to have maneuvered Democrats into that position.


          1. How does that in any way apply to a request for cooperation in an investigation in which the suspect has already boasted in public that he was a party to removal of a prosecutor who was investigating a corrupt company which which his son was involved?

            Is Biden somehow above the law as long as he is running for President?


          2. Pitiful. Do you do zero fact checking or do you just not give a damn about spreading lies? Since, you have been corrected on this time and again it is clear what the answer is – “alternative facts” for every subject. Actual facts never seem to serve your purpose on ANY subject.

            Biden’s son was NOT under investigation and NEVER was and as recently as this week the government of Ukraine confirms that they have no knowledge of his breaking any Ukraine law.

            VP Biden was not acting on his own in pressing for the removal of that official, but was pursuing the policy of the Obama government and the policy of our allies in the IMF who demanded a purge of high-level corruption as a condition of financial relationships.



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        1. Govern the country in the people’s interest?

          Is THAT what has been going on as Trump and his buddies raid the Treasury for Trillions, the agriculture sector ruined, people in the millions losing their health insurance, children thrown in cages, water polluted, pristine wilderness opened to Big Business and we slide towards another unwinnable war and this time with no willing allies?

          And rule of law, checks and balances and separation of powers? Is undermining all that really in the people’s interests?

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          1. Whoa, Paul.

            Corporations are people, too. Have some compassion.

            That chemical effluent that will soon pour into our waters doesn’t just kill fish and poison children. Some harmful bacteria will die too.

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        2. “And were the Democrats actually seeking compromise and consensus instead of trying for 3 years to undo the election they lost, we could be doing even better.

          The behavior of the Democrats since Hillary lost are proof of why they, and she, cannot be trusted with power.”

          Egads, Don. The Republican playbook for the last administration. Except that it was for 8 years.

          If you count Clinton, it was for 16 years.

          More than likely we would not have invaded Iraq since Gore would have been president. Just for starters.

          As far as Congress accomplishing anything, they haven’t since the GOP took over. Impeachment inquiries or not. And Moscow Mitch is still our national constipation.

          As you very well know, Hillary would have been impeached seconds after the inauguration. Probably for running a pizza parlor sex ring.

          I would prefer that Trump be voted out in 2020, but Trump’s behavior forced Pelosi’s hand. And we know she tried to avoid this route.

          Still, it’s only an inquiry.

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          1. Yeah, if your guys want to run on that next year, the GOP won’t have to do anything but sit back with a beer and a bowl of popcorn and watch the Democrats self destruct.


          2. @Tabor

            Napoleon again?

            As you said would happen in 2018? LOL!

            Unlike the actually partisan witch hunt aimed at Bill Clinton that started with MINOR financial matters from years earlier and after FOUR years ended with the little blue dress, this Impeachment Inquiry has a mother-lode of criminal and impeachable behavior to air in public. NOTHING is going to come out that will improve Trump’s already dismal reputation with decent, law-abiding and patriotic people. He will likely be impeached and Moscow Mitch will likely not even have a trial in order to protect the GOP from having to be held accountable for either acquittal or conviction.

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        3. RE: “The country has done just fine with Trump.”

          That should be objectively obvious. On the whole we seem to be located somewhere between doomsday and rosy scenario, not at either extreme.

          Personally, I see big problems ahead, but none are of the current president’s making. I wish he would do more to address them, but I don’t expect he will. Nor do I see that as uniquely his fault.

          Its an interesting situation.


  1. While sitting on the potty, it is much more intellictually stimulating to do crosswords than putting crap in your brain while trying to get the crap out. Don’t you ever tire of ultra partisan extremism Paul?


    1. @Bobrsmith
      Here in the real world, it is people who continue to support a leader some of whose “greatest hits” are listed at the start of the article who are the “ultra partisan extremists.” That is the simple fact of the matter. To continue this support they have to be totally inured to facts and evidence. You might as well own it. YOU are outside the mainstream. Not me.

      Interesting to note that Trump’s weak approval rating history is very similar to Obama’s disapproval rating history. Same people. Same reason.

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      1. Looks to me that, according to your poll link, Trump is on par with a majority of past presidents. Hmmm, what was that about being out of the mainstream again, like I care what extremists think?


        1. You keep calling me names even though they do not fit. Opposing the Presidency of the Mr. Trump is NOT extremist, it is the majority opinion. Supporting the Green New Deal is not “extremist.” It enjoys majority support for most of what it proposes. Words have meanings – try to use them with that in mind.

          As for past Presidents, none stayed on the negative side of public opinion so persistently.

          Soon this will be moot. Rumors of a resignation deal are already starting to float. If it happens it will be something like what Nixon got but will cover his criminal family as well.

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    2. ” his and his son’s Ukraine corruption, abuse of power, public threats of withholding US monetary support for personal gain and now willful distraction of the facts aka cover-up.”…

      If you want to discuss potty training, how about the constant drivel that comes through on a certain @realDonalJTrump twitter feed. Talk about the spit hitting the spam.

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