24 thoughts on “You are not our pimp.

  1. I’m surprised that people are surprised by trump waiting for his masters to tell him what to do with HIS military?

    When he gets his instructions he’ll tell HIS Generals what to attack and HIS DOJ will figure out a way to make it legal and protect him.

    Nothing surprising here in the least…

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  2. Pitiful. The president didn’t offer to place our military under the king’s command.

    Ms. Gabbard makes a fool of herself by saying so.


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        1. Somebody is making a fool of themselves. It is not Ms.Gabbard. The tweeted Presidential statement is pretty clear that we will be taking the lead on who and how to attack from Saudi Arabia. That fool is the President and his running dogs pretending they don’t read English.

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        2. RE: “The tweeted Presidential statement is pretty clear that we will be taking the lead on who and how to attack from Saudi Arabia.”

          Not at all. The statement only says we will hear what Saudi Arabia has to say before deciding on a course of action. Your interpretation is fallacious Humpty Dumpty logic.


      1. Saudi Arabia was attacked. It makes sense to me to wait for them to provide evidence on who committed the attack, before taking any action, assuming action by us is in our national interests.


        1. Are we really going to take the word of the barbarians running Saudi Arabia on ANYTHING? They have been waging genocidal war against the Houthi using weapons WE provided and ammunition which WE replenish and the Houthi probably hit back with weapons provided by Iran. There is no way in these facts that WE were attacked.

          In any case, all out war between Iran and Saudi Arabia would be a global disaster. We need to try to avert it and that is not helped by us doing anything militarily.

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    2. Did you read what Mr. Trump tweeted? He is waiting to hear from the “Kingdom” and for them to tell HIM how to proceed. His words, Mr. Roberts. Sounds like Ms. Gabbard took his words at face value. It is the President who looks like a fool.

      We have our own intelligence agencies. We don’t need to get word from the “Kingdom” to determine the origination of the attack. If Mr. Trump decides that military action is warranted, based on our own intelligence, then he needs to go to Congress and make the case. Bush and Obama didn’t and it was wrong then. If Mr. Trump does it now, it is also wrong.

      Tim Kaine has been pushing for a new AUMF for years, and Mitch McConnell won’t even give it a hearing. Why? To protect the GOP from having to go on record concerning the use of our military in actions such as those potentially being proposed.


      1. RE: “Did you read what Mr. Trump tweeted?”

        Did you read it? The phrase, “under what terms we would proceed” is so wide open you could drive an army through it.


        1. …”but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!”

          I beg you to take off your Trump blinders and read it again. It is rather clear that Trump is waiting for MBS to tell him what to do.Maybe not to you, but to many, it is. And the army to be driven through it is OURS and should not be used to do the bidding of SA.

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        2. RE: “Why do you insist on taking Gabbard’s words in the most literal sense”

          In this case it is because the literal meaning is the very substance of her incompetent criticism.


        3. RE: “I beg you to take off your Trump blinders and read it again.”

          No need. I beg you to put on a thinking cap. Even in your own words, “what to do” is undefined and could mean anything, including the opposite of what Saudi Arabia specifically wants.


          1. RE: “Maybe you don’t understand what the word ‘nuance’ means?”

            I understand it well enough to know when there isn’t any.


  3. Like the false flag drone attack, this is just more saber rattling.

    Trump didn’t understand what he was tweeting. He was parroting the last words he heard from some other jerk in the White House. “Locked and loaded,” seriously when has Trump ever managed to say something like that.

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