How accurate is Ms. Wilson’s opinion piece on VB Schools?

While it is very true that many schools in VB are older and in need of repair, I take issue with the idea that only schools in wealthier neighborhoods are being replaced. Yes, the new Kellam HS is in the southern part of the city where the income levels are higher. Old Donation, which she cited is not. And the students that attend there are brought in from around the city.

If a building is sound, yet needs upgraded (a/c units, technology improvements, security, etc.), then budget for the upgrades. If a building is beyond useful condition, then plan and budget for replacement. Using bonds is a good way to go about that.

As a reminder, my daughter is a HS English teacher in one of the older schools in town. I am sure she would love a shiny new building to teach in, but upgrading the current one would be just fine with her.

It is an important piece, but I wish she had been a little more accurate and a little less hyperbolic.

3 thoughts on “How accurate is Ms. Wilson’s opinion piece on VB Schools?

    1. And my daughter (and son) did as well. Just not soooo long ago. And that is where the girl child teaches. (Full disclosure: I graduated in 1982…and that building closed down 10 years later, only to reemerge as a College Prep School sponsored by the local school district)

      Not a lot you can do about the growth except to respond to it appropriately. Trying to just replace entire buildings is not, IMO, the best use of taxpayer dollars.


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