Teacher fired for trying to educate


So, we’re supposed to learn about the evil and irrationality of stereotypes without actually discussing them. I hope her lawyers teach the school board an expensive lesson.

14 thoughts on “Teacher fired for trying to educate

  1. Based on all the information I’ve been able to obtain on this issue, I completely agree and hope the lawsuit is successful.

    To teach such lessons requires honest and frank discussion. If the facts are as presented, the school board should be embarrassed and the individual who made the decision fired. IMHO.

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  2. What’s really unfortunate is that the young lady who blew it up wasn’t even in the class. I guess some kids aren’t ready to have those conversations. Sounds like the teacher (and the students in the class) were genuinely trying to have a frank, nuanced discussion.

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    1. “What’s really unfortunate is that the young lady who blew it up wasn’t even in the class.”


      Our entire justice system depends on 2nd hand witnesses. We don’t know what she learned of the situation from those who just didn’t step forward.


  3. My daughter teaches in the same English department. I am waiting for a reminder of what her feelings were at the time as the teacher in question was a peer.

    There is more info in this article than I recall being aware of. I am with Russell in that the student who started the ruckus wasn’t even in the class at the time and had absolutely no context as to the poster.


    1. Just got clarification from my daughter. The teacher in question did not handle things in the manner she should have in that if racial slurs started showing up, she should have stopped to explain the difference between racial slurs and stereotypes, made sure the students understood the difference, removed the slurs and moved forward. That is not what happened.

      Also, there were other issues that were cited in the article that led up to this being maybe the last straw for her.
      She was also the only one dancing in the halls on November 9, 2016, but that is not part of the discussion, now is it?


        1. Actually no. And I even said to my daughter when she told me that, that it really isn’t the reason she got canned. And my daughter agreed. She made the comment as an observation. I relayed it.


  4. “only one dancing in the halls on November 9, 2016” ??

    Some red meat for the conspiracy crowd?

    Regardless, if she violated protocol on the mechanics of the exercise that does make a difference. I wonder why it would that not be investigated and reported?

    Wait for it….

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