A Republican Loser Supports Violence Against a Sitting Representative

Elizabeth Heng, who lost by 15 points in her California district in 2018, appears to take full credit for burning AOC to the ground and comparing her stances to those in Cambodia in 1970’s. And then claims that SHE is not a racist because of her Cambodian background.

Sounds to me like more proof the GOP is the party for racists.

29 thoughts on “A Republican Loser Supports Violence Against a Sitting Representative

    1. 1) Take back the LIKE….I meant to hit REPLY.

      2) When they start burning Bernie in ads, then maybe I can see your point. When going after AOC or the squad in this manner, it is racist.

      Sorry, Don. But covering up for this kind of violence is tantamount to condoning it. You should be ashamed of even thinking that.


      1. OK then, please explain how it is racist to criticize her ideology, but not so if it were Bernie Sanders saying the same things.

        Is any criticism of the positions of a non-caucasian automatically racist?

        Here is the ad, show me where race is any part of it. Oh, and the “Bonanza” cross fade doesn’t make it violent.


    2. Let’s see.

      Affordable, universal access to healthcare and education equals Khmer Rouge style of an extremist return to an agrarian society in the footsteps of Mao.

      Someone better tell Scandinavia that their doctors and other professionals better learn how to plow with mules. Or without, for that matter.

      The ad is just another attempt to discredit Democratic policies. Not with reasonable and well thought out alternatives, but with fear mongering. Mexican rapists to Pol Pot. The GOP claims it is the party of ideas, we just don’t know what kind behind a veil of looney accusations.

      AOC = 82 million dead Americans. That’s about a 1/4th of our population more or less.

      Where is the regime’s “beautiful” healthcare plan? Infrastructure plan? Immigration bill?

      Good grief.

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      1. I’m sure Pol Pot didn’t intent for it to end that way. No doubt he was sure the people would see it his way and accept his paradise. It never starts with killing fields. It probably doesn’t always end there, but you can’t know when you start down that road where it will end.

        As for Scandinavia, in many ways it is more capitalist than we are. It’s more like a capitalist country with everyone buying the same health insurance. But there EVERYONE shares proportionally in the costs.

        AOC’s Green New Deal is more like early Pol Pot than Scandinavia.


        1. The socialism that came to be in Cambodia would not happen here due to the Constitution and the Democratic Republic form of government we live under, and the actual protection of people’s rights. The scare tactics of using this and Venezuelan socialism is a fear mongering attempt to keep form affecting positive change for this country and follow the Social Democratic principles and policies that are alive and kicking in Europe.

          Taken from wikipedia article on Pol Pot: “Pol Pot reformed Cambodia as a new, one-party state called Democratic Kampuchea. Seeking to create an agrarian socialist society, his government forcibly relocated the urban population to the countryside to work on collective farms. Those regarded as enemies of the new government, including Buddhist monks and ethnic minorities, were killed.”

          This country will never be a one-party state. (It would be nice to get past 2, but I digress.). We will never go back to an agrarian society (been there, done that). The things that occurred in Cambodia and are happening in Venezuela are not possible in America. Ever.

          Stop the fear mongering and come up with some real proposals instead of just talking about how “socialism” will ruin this country. If you don’t agree with social democratic principles and programs, fine. YoU tell the farmers to give back the $25 billion paid to them because of the easy-to-win trade war with China. Give back your SS and Medicare benefits. And quit telling the government to keep its hands off of them.


  1. Nice try at attempting to sanitize the AD and change the point of the article and post.

    Showing a sitting U.S. Congresswoman, who has been told to “go back” to her country (U.S. ?) bursting into flames with human skulls in the background is NOT defensible on “ideological” grounds.

    I mean; give me a break…

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    1. Let me be sure what your objection is?

      Is it the Bonanza cross fade?

      Heng’s characterization of the likely outcome of socialism is certainly accurate for her family’s experience.

      Is it not racist to criticize Heng as she is Asian?


  2. The problem with trying to reply to assertions like this is it is so outlandish and extreme that it is almost impossible to reply without being demeaning. There was nothing about race in her ad so throwing the race card is, well, ignorant at best. Try harder next time.


    1. I’ll say it again: The race card will not be thrown if an ad like this shows Bernie Sanders being the one to burn. Until that day comes, the ad is a racist attack against a sitting Congresswoman based on her policies…Which are absolutely in-line with those of Sanders.

      It is the AD that is outlandish and extreme. If anyone of the Dems currently running for President ran an ad PHYSICALLY attacking the President, the Secret Service would be at that campaign’s door with cuffs for all.

      The bottom line is advocating violence against ANYONE regardless of race, and regardless of political viewpoint, is uncalled for and only feeds into the hate and divisiveness fomentend by one Donald J. Trump.


  3. RE: “burning AOC to the ground and comparing her stances to those in Cambodia in 1970’s”

    Why not?

    Democrats once famously rallied around an ad that portrayed a Republican throwing Grandma off a cliff. This is the same thing (fighting fire with fire, you might say.)

    In any case, Heng’s ad has a supportable message: Socialism in America is like a fire that will consume its very supporters, then us all.

    BTW: I can’t view NYT links because they are behind a paywall for me.


    1. I was not trying to boss, but offer a suggestion for those who see nothing wrong with the ad and the ideas of social democracy put forth by AOC. and being ignorant of the fact the monise being paid to farmers because of lost income due to the trade war is a form of scary socialism.

      And I think you have it backwards as it was Republicans throwing grandma off a cliff because the ACA meant “death panels”. Just another fear mongering tactic utilized by the GOP.

      Fine, attack the policies, but a burning photo of a sitting Congresswoman should be investigated by the Secret Service, as they provide security to Congressional representatives.

      Bernie Sanders is the leading self-proclaimed socialist in the country. Burn his picture and no one will call it racist. Those of you who are blind to the racism involved are the same ones that say there is no racism in this country,. A very dangerous position to hold. Unless you are a white, christian male.

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    2. RE: “I was not trying to boss, but offer a suggestion”

      You might consider that this is a discussion forum, not a platform for making suggestions.


  4. Again, the eyes of the beholder, you, are so severely fogged by leftist extremism that the assertions are too outlandish to even discuss. Racists, you, cannot redefine words to suit your extremism. Good day


    1. You know little of me to make the assertion of being fogged by leftists extremism. It is YOUR blindness to obvious attacks on politicians and promoting violence against those who you 1) disagree with, and 2) who happen to be of a different race.

      I noticed how none of those who disagree with me has addressed the idea that racism would not be an issue if an actual candidate, like say, Bernie Sanders was used. I find the lack of comment concerning that very revealing about those of you who see no attack and no racism. I also notice that it is the same people who seem to believe that racism in this country is not an issue. Quite revealing to the mindset.

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      1. Perhaps the lack of response is because everyone else is rolling their eyes, laughing and saying oh give a break at your every attempt to link “racism” to everything you don’t agree with? It is so over played no one is listening anymore.


  5. Perhaps the lack of response is because everyone else is rolling their eyes, laughing and saying oh give a break at your every attempt to link “racism” to everything you don’t agree with? It is so over played no one is listening anymore.


    1. …no one is listening anymore.” That is the problem. People who continue to deny what is right before their eyes are actually condoning the racism. You don’t see it because you don’t WANT to see it.


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