What happened to America’s Heart?


Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan says granting TPS to Bahamians would be “appropriate”. President Trump doesn’t agree.

The precedent has been set to grant Temporary Protective Status to those suffering from natural disasters, yet for whatever reason, Mr. Trump doesn’t see it as an appropriate humanitarian action.

Yes, parts of this REGION were impacted by Dorian. However, the devastation suffered by the Bahamas an the citizens there is immeasurable when compared to the flooding on Ocracoke.

Where is our heart?

13 thoughts on “What happened to America’s Heart?

  1. I guess the Bahamas are just another sh*thole country.

    Perhaps someone in the regime could whisper in a Trump’s ear that we can place the Bahamian refugees in Baltimore and Detroit. Or how about Eastern Kentucky?

    Those are our sh*thole places.

    I know we can’t save the world. However we are a huge nation with 330 million people. A few thousand now and then would make zero difference. Heck, the 11 million undocumented we already have are only 3% of our population now. Most of those are productive, hard working folks adding to our GDP.

    Oh, I forgot. The Bahamians speak perfect English.

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    1. If you read the article, you will see that most of the Bahamians do not qualify under the law as written.

      I guess Trump should just break the law because it would be popular.

      This is something that if it is to be done, it must be done by Congress.


      1. Trump could just pardon those who broke the law like he offered to expedite his wall.

        More seriously:

        “In the past, some countries hit by hurricanes have been designated for TPS. In the late 1990s, for example, Honduras and Nicaragua were designated for TPS after Hurricane Mitch. And more recently, Nepal was designated for TPS in 2015 after an earthquake killed more than 8,000 people there.”

        Trump has the discretion.

        Rescuing people surviving a catastrophe shouldn’t wait for the proper paperwork and other niceties.

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          1. “So, you want Trump to do something that would actually be an impeachable offense?”

            As if he hasn’t already….

            “Congress can pass an authorizing resolution in an hour if they want to.” … and wait for Trump to sign it… forever.

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          2. Yes, there is a precedent, but it does not apply to President Trump.

            When Obama ‘made exceptions’ that clearly violated the law, the Democrats in the House had no itnerest in impeaching him and the GOP did not have the courage. They even let him get away with clear war crimes in the overthrow of Gahdafi in Libya and didn’t impeach.

            But if Trump so much as drops a gum wrapper on the sidewalk, the Democrats will be on him like a duck on a Junebug.


      2. “I guess Trump should just break the law because it would be popular.”

        Hell, he’s done it when it has been unpopular.

        I always knew there were things we could never change, but I always believed that at least we could embarrass the guilty… until Trump.

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  2. @Tabor. Neither does the rule of law, apparently when it comes to Trump. If Trump would drop a gum wrapper instead of all of the other illegal, unconstitutional, immoral stuff he has done and continues to do. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t the wrong thing to do.

    And it wasn’t just Obama that did it. Clinton did as well. And he WAS impeached, but not over that. Plus the courts have been blocking Trump’s attempts to end TPS. If it is against the law, why aren’t the courts allowing Trump’s moves to go through? And don’t give me that activist left wing judge crap. It is old, tired and with the appointments Trump has made, moot.

    And while your talking about GOP backbone, or lack thereof, take a closer look at the current GOP leadership and the inability to stand up to Trump on ANYTHING, even when they hem and haw about how wrong it is.

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