Our Penance for Northam’s Blackface


So, now Virginia taxpayers will have to pay for an new Director, with associated staff, for a useless new Office of Diversity, forever,  to make up for Northam’s past racist stunt.

He really doesn’t know how to do anything other than pander.

9 thoughts on “Our Penance for Northam’s Blackface

  1. I don’t disagree. The article was to brief to elaborate on what a ”director of diversity, equity and inclusion“ is supposed to do.

    Maybe I’m cynical, but since governor is a 1 term office, what is the advantage to his political future? I thought the blackface issue was history anyway.

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  2. There is nothing wrong with Northam hiring a director of diversity, aside from the fact that his motives can be questioned.

    We knew from the moment the blackface photo emerged that he would be ineffective as a leader. He could do more good by simply resigning.


    1. While Northam’s motives could be questioned, what exactly is wrong with putting someone in charge of improving diversity and inclusion at the state level? Sometimes people do the right hing just because it is the right thing to do.

      I also said he should resign because of the complete loss of political capital to affect other positive changes to the commonwealth. At least he is trying to do something positive.


  3. Wow! We question the motives of Northam while Mr. Conflict of Interest occupies the White House?

    Look, just because something is self-serving doesn’t mean it isn’t also the right thing to do. There is obviously a problem, but it’s not just Northam’s or on the Democrats alone.

    Any kind of advocacy office is a boon.

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    1. A note on missing posts

      I found that a few of your comments were improperly caught in WordPress’ Spam trap. I have no idea why.

      I have approved them and they should be visible now.

      If anyone notices a post or comment not getting posted or disappearing, please let me know so I can correct that.


      1. Well thank you. I wondered what happened, and when I poked about, I couldn’t see what I had done out of the ordinary, excused it as digital dust and went on.

        Of course, this is all kind of digital dust, n’est-ce pas?

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        1. You mean 1000 years from now when the find my iPad, it won’t have the same impact as the Dead Sea Scrolls?

          I am “shocked”.

          (“Don’t See Scrolls, perhaps?)

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