Pilot Letter: Best bargain shopping


A fun letter engages in a little mischief.

There is in fact a street named Savile Row in Hampton. A Goodwill Outlet is in fact located on it. There is also, in fact, a famous street in London which happens to be known for its tailors.

But any real connection between the Goodwill store and the place where tuxedos were invented is purely fanciful.

Which makes me wonder about the joke. Is it good natured or mean spirited? Is it lighthearted or grave; a nod to inexplicable uncertainty, or to dialectical materialism? Is it, in short, clever or condemning?

The letter is a small thing, I know, but I’m so “woke” I don’t know what to do about it.


2 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: Best bargain shopping

  1. Some light reading at the end of the LTE’s (in the print edition). Smile and enjoy, like I did. It was the last thing I read in the paper this morning and it gave me a lift that someone made the connection.


  2. Cute. I like it. I love things like this so I look for them everywhere. Nice catch to the author.

    Okay, this is going to be sick, but hey, it’s me so…

    Most of the time we never see or make connections with ads on a page or TV with a real news story, so I always look for them — especially in the paper where you can take your time and study the page.

    This hobby started back in the 80s when a small plane crashed in Oregon or someplace up there killing 5 of IBM’s top people. Right next to the article was an ad for the exact airplane for executive charter locally..

    There was one on CNN yesterday where they did the news story on the boat fire off Santa Cruz, followed by an ad for a resort (Beaches maybe?) that featured a dive boat excursion.

    The world is full of happy coincidences.

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