5 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: Safety before rights

  1. Someone should tell the writer that rights cannot be abolished. They may be denied, suppressed or infringed, or else, expressed, demonstrated or protected, but not eliminated.

    Rights are a feature of life itself. No one can give them to you or take them away. Not even the highest Earthly power of government.

    The one limitation is this: No one has a right to do wrong. But that is not a limitation at all, really, since doing right and doing wrong are two different things.

    Someone should tell the writer that attempting to “abolish” a right is wrong.


  2. These letters are so boring. If it didn’t happen after Sandy Hook, it’s not going to happen in the current political climate.

    Short of the NRA deciding to no longer bankroll the Republican party and all 5 Republican SC justices suddenly dropping dead, I don’t see a path forward for any meaningful gun control.

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      1. That’s encouraging to see, but with the current makeup of SCOTUS, I think any gun control measures are DOA (pardon the pun). And it’s not like the crucial Scalia interpretation of “militia” is ancient history.

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