9 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: I’m no zombie

  1. To the writer, it could be so. Who are we to question his opinion? However, I think a better word choice would be “sheep” vice zombie. Lemmings also comes to mind.

    But like the letter writer, I am entitled to my opinion, as are you.

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  2. “Trump was called a racist because he said the government in Puerto Rico was ineffective and corrupt.”

    He’s been called “racist” for many things, most often when he says something unambiguously racist. If you still want to vote for him, fine, just admit that you like your tax cut better than full rights and dignity for minorities.

    “Now my choice is even clearer. I can support the free-stuff-for-everybody crowd, the redistribution of wealth through heavy taxation and the total destruction of our health care system, or I can support Trump. I pick Trump.”

    I’m not sure how expecting services in exchange for taxes is “free stuff.” Further, it seems odd to be complaining about redistributive taxation when Trump just passed TRILLIONS of dollars in tax cuts for the extremely wealthy. “Destruction of our health care system”: you mean the system we pay the most in the world for and still receive terrible service and a declining life expectancy? When you put it that way . . .

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  3. I share the sentiments of the LTE writer and find it somewhat amusing that some prefer to resort to baseless claims of racism where none exists and others persist in inciting deeper polarization with accusations of being mindless. To those, do you think you are winning the argument?

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        1. True. I inadvertently liked a post but could not remove the like.

          To our fearless moderator: Is there any way to change that aspect? I know you don’t control theses things, but your insight would be beneficial.


          1. Don’t know if you get flagged on responses, but you can “like” and “unlike” comments in the “Reader” pane but not on the actual webpage.


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