The Pilot Board tips its hand

Today’s editorial makes it pretty clear that for the board, gun control is more about gaining partisan advantage and not at all about solving the problems.

They bemoan the lapse of the one-gun-a-month law and the (so-called) assault weapon ban as somehow relating to the VA Beach shooting. The shooter used 2 handguns purchased 2 years apart.

In fact, NONE of the measures advocated would have made any difference. The only thing proposed to the crime commission that might have made a difference is the elimination of gun free zones, but the Pilot doesn’t even mention that.

Red Flag laws are mentioned, but nothing was said about fixing the Constitutional problems associated with them. Even though that would not have helped in this case, it is an area where bipartisan negotiations could lead to something, but not if the issue is used to affect elections and not to solve the problems.

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