7 thoughts on “YouTube: The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  1. Personally, I’m not terribly concerned over an evil cabal backing AOC. The group seems wholly indefensible to me in pretty much the same way that Neo Nazis and Antifa are wholly indefensible. I expect cabal collapse in the normal course of events.


  2. More silly than usual. But this fellow seems to understand the “minds” of Trump “conservatives.”

    And, if we are going to start throwing out the word “evil” to describe modern day mainstream policy preferences, what does that make an extremist such as yourself?


    1. Depends on your definition of “evil,” I suppose, and whether you think calling out a conspiracy theory makes someone an extremist.


      1. You were NOT “calling out a conspiracy theory.” You were spreading it.

        Supporters of AOC are NOT an “evil cabal.” They are people who have chosen politics instead of “Second Amendment solutions” to effect change. That you do not agree with their ideas does not make them “evil.” DUH!


  3. If AOC is and “actress” for a cabal then what the hell is our president, who came from the Hollywood/NY entertainment world as a reality show star?


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