Trump budget classic GOP agenda of “borrow and spend”

During the Obama administration we managed to take a $1.4 Trillion deficit to around $600 Billion by the time the Trump regime took power.

And the average jobs creation per month was still higher than the last two years’ monthly tally. All this after the near total collapse of American and global economies.

This $1.1 Trillion deficit still includes cuts to Medicare payments to providers and a whopping 32% gutting of the EPA.

Luckily we are building more bombs. I seem to recall estimates of a 4-5% growth in GDP by the administration to pay for the tax cuts. I think we hit 2.9% last year. And multiple projections are for 2% or less this year.

Labor reported one of the worst job gains in a long time at 20,000. Many excuses, but one is that we are near full employment. Laudable. But if we are to attain anywhere’s near the GDP growth needed to pay for Trump’s tax cuts we need millions more immigrants. And we just happen to have about 1.7 million Dreamers who speak perfect English, know our culture and most are well educated.

That would be a good start. Then let’s take a good look at the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants and bring them to some legal status. Maybe including all those who worked for years at Trump’s private clubs.

They cannot all be rapists, gang members or drug dealers. Even Trump said that at least “some are good people”.

IMHO naturally.

6 thoughts on “Trump budget classic GOP agenda of “borrow and spend”

  1. The Pilot’s AP piece is overly negative and opinionated in its portrayal of the White House budget proposal. Yesterday’s press briefing in which the acting OMB director explained the proposal provides a useful corrective in that it makes the AP reporting superfluous. You can get the story straight from the horse’s mouth and decide for yourself what to make of it.

    Personally, I’m not happy about continuing deficit spending, but I agree with the view that Congress causes the deficits because Congress has an addiction to spending. In this context, I support the budget proposal.


    1. I love it when the administration says they had to restore the economy and get jobs going again.

      The path of economic growth has been on the same line as it was for 6 years under Obama. The rate of hiring has actually been lower on average per month.

      So I would applaud the administration for not screwing things up.

      One of the question in the news conference that was dodged was regarding the rate of budget increases for defense. First, the sequestration travesty was passed by a GOP congress. So the Republicans own the drastic cuts. And a good argument can be made that we can be just as strong and influential by paring down the military with better quality and lesser quantity.


      1. Re: “And a good argument can be made that we can be just as strong and influential by paring down the military with better quality and lesser quantity.”

        Having lived through the sequestration as a defense contract employee, I’m not inclined to believe so.


  2. Sometimes I think the best Congress can do is ignore Trump. Get a budget from the House, pressure McConnell to put up or shut up, then send it to the White House.

    No matter what kind of deal Congress brings, Trump will change his mind once Miller, along with FOX whine.

    He has done it over and over again.

    If Congress, or anyone, can’t trust the man then he is irrelevant.


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