4 thoughts on “PJM: High School Student Suspended for Posing With Pro-Trump MAGA Flag and Sweatshirt

  1. Googling around I find there may be some nuance to the events reported, as here:


    But it still sounds bad. That Perry is a public school strikes me as the seminal reason it discouraged political speech. Were it a private school, I think officials might have been more mindful of the parents’ material interests.


    1. Next thing you know schools will be banning KKK paraphernalia. Oh, the humanity!

      Hey, just kidding. But it is very likely that “some nuance to the events reported” is a significant understatement. Same family involved in two public altercations with racial overtones? Just a coincidence?

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      1. I wouldn’t know, and apparently you don’t, either.

        My focus is on the factual observation it was a public school chilling free speech in this instance. Such a direct contradiction of American idealism, there being other options, is striking.

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        1. And my focus is that one should not spread half-baked and incendiary stories. “Google around” before you post especially when the thrust of the supposed news defies common sense.

          And, given the very high ratio of garbage stories maybe steer clear of sources like PJMedia.


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