ZeroHedge: Finnish “Soldiers Of Odin” Announce Hunt For Rapists & Pedos In Controversial Video

Remember the Soldiers of Odin next time you are tempted to think that cultural diversity is inherently a good thing. They are a sober warning that multiculturalism is also an open invitation to vigilantism.

It takes the coercive powers of the state to suppress such things, as well as to avoid them altogether.

10 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: Finnish “Soldiers Of Odin” Announce Hunt For Rapists & Pedos In Controversial Video

        1. RE: “You made the claim. Back it up.”

          OK. It’s a commonplace observation that every cohort of immigrants in United States history has faced some degree of vigilantism. This, in fact, is why I found your comment unusual.


          1. If by “vigilantism” you mean white people (“real Americans” to “consservatives”) acting out their hatred and bigotry against people of different races and cultures then, sure, there has been a lot of that and it could not happen if white people never had to interact with any such people.

            So, with that meaning, “multiculturalism is an open invitation to vigilantism” makes a little bit of sense, but only in that your version of “vigilantism” cannot occur without the presence of “others.”

            However, that is not what “vigilantism” means . . .

            “vigilantism : law enforcement undertaken without legal authority by a self-appointed group of people.”

            There is no law against being black or brown or Asian. There is no law against winking at a white girl. etc. So, in fact, your odd definition of vigilantism is kind of a whitewash.

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          2. My OED doesn’t give the same emphasis to law enforcement as your dictionary apparently does. A vigilence committee is more generically defined as a group of people who maintain vigilence (awareness) over some issue that concerns them.

            Hence vigilantism describes being on lookout, which is a natural human response to foreigners, good or bad. Hence, “open invitation,” in my usage.


  1. The main sources of vigilante behavior in the US has been Whites against Blacks. Whole towns and neighborhoods have been destroyed because of some perceived slight by a minority that has been here since the 1600’s. Add to that thousands of lynchings that were witnessed by townsfolk with picnic baskets and their children.

    Now most of that has stopped since Congress said enough of that nonsense, time to grow up, and passed legislation in 1965.

    The way to stop vigilantes is simple. Arrest them and sentence them to long prison terms. The rest of those cowards will slide back under the rocks.

    We did not do that for the century after 1865. So the cowards prevailed long enough to make them feel powerful and righteous.

    If Finland were smart it would crack down on the pedophile rings like we just did in Florida with the massage parlors. Then do the same with the “punks of Odin”.

    Heck if the Catholic Church can finally start obeying the law with their perverts and the protectors then certainly Finland can do the same without extra-legal help and stay within the rule of law.

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    1. RE: “The main sources of vigilante behavior in the US has been Whites against Blacks.”

      I’d say that’s debatable as a matter of history. It leaves out, for example, the Indian Wars of the colonial and settlement periods, which arguably killed more people as the result of direct violence. It also leaves out the Asian subjugation which was certainly race-based. And the anti-Irish, anti-Italian, anti-Polish discrimination, not to mention anti-Semitism.

      About the only cultural group of immigrants that did not suffer noticeably from Anglo vigilantism was the Germans, who were large in number and moved West quickly.


        1. On the contrary, I think you need to learn history. Many native Americans were killed by vigilantes and ad hoc militias.


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