Why Are Republicans Such Wimps?


Democrats are combative 24/7. In contrast, many Republicans seem weak, inept, or disloyal. Why? Perhaps some are secret Socialists. Perhaps others are bribed or blackmailed. We hear a lot of rumors about pedophilia…

It’s not enough to say “Republicans are wimps.” We want to understand their motives. Does anyone have evidence for any particular theory?

Coda: In a famous 1955 bestseller, Flesch explained our reading crisis. The public schools went right on using a counterproductive method generally known as Whole Word. I don’t think this could have happened unless a lot of Republicans were compromised. Studying education has made me sensitive to the Left’s ingenuity at using propaganda and sophistry. Basically, it’s like watching a swarm of piranhas take down a cow.


4 thoughts on “Why Are Republicans Such Wimps?

    1. I’ve left a comment but the site won’t accept it…

      Re: Hastert, we want to know if he was blackmailed before his arrest. By whom? And what was he asked to do?


  1. Specific evidence of blackmail and pedophilia is hard to come by. The most credible “insider” source I have come across is former NYPD vice detective Jimmy “Boots” Rothstein. He claims to have personal, professional knowledge of the Franklin scandal investigation, for example, among others. That scandal involved a pedophilia ring that reached the highest ranks of the Republican Party nationwide, and directly into the White House. Rothstein, however, doesn’t divulge any unreported police details.

    His recent interviews with Sarah Westall on YouTube are worth watching.

    Announcements Coming – Trump Dismantling Child Blackmail Network – Det. “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein Part 1

    Par 2

    There are many others. Just search YouTube for “Jimmy Boots”.


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