How Liars Wreck a Country

Last year, Forbes concluded that “only 16% of adults in the U.S. say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in newspapers, and just 11% said the same for television news.”  Anyone confronting these stats must conclude that our media are deeply incompetent or crooked or both.

The New York Times announced a few years ago that defeating Trump was the important thing.  They gave themselves a free pass to lie all they want.  How can they now reclaim their honor or their usefulness?

Real journalists, when they hear an assertion, immediately try to determine whether the assertion is true or false.  This is also what scientists do.  It’s honest, valuable work.

Unfortunately, our liberal journalists do not care about true or false.  When they hear an assertion, they try to determine whether it will help their agenda…their narrative. 

If it won’t help, they know they must attack the assertion, typically by declaring it debunkedfake news, or misinformation.

5 min. read, Bruce Deitrick Price in American Thinker


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in The Gulag Archipelago, said, “And the lie has, in fact, led us so far away from a normal society that you cannot even orient yourself…”

Fedsurrection, anyone?

I’m responding to all the smug caterwauling seen on this site.

Roger Kimball is super-smart culture pundit. He says the so-called Jan. 6 attack was probably staged by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Insurrections). Whoops.

That’s what I suspected the first day. No matter what video you looked at, you see cops in retreat, cops opening doors, cops removing barriers. What’s a scenario that could explain all that?

Furthermore, I know the Trump voters. They are ordinary people, middle-class and polite. They would not do anything disrespectful at a national monument. The freaks at the Capitol were probably Antifa paid by George Soros.

The people dressed weirdly, the people wrestling with each other, the people acting as if they are in a staged event, well, you know who they are.

I’m guessing that Nancy Pelosi has a lot of bad dreams these days.

Why Are Republicans Such Wimps?

Democrats are combative 24/7. In contrast, many Republicans seem weak, inept, or disloyal. Why? Perhaps some are secret Socialists. Perhaps others are bribed or blackmailed. We hear a lot of rumors about pedophilia…

It’s not enough to say “Republicans are wimps.” We want to understand their motives. Does anyone have evidence for any particular theory?

Coda: In a famous 1955 bestseller, Flesch explained our reading crisis. The public schools went right on using a counterproductive method generally known as Whole Word. I don’t think this could have happened unless a lot of Republicans were compromised. Studying education has made me sensitive to the Left’s ingenuity at using propaganda and sophistry. Basically, it’s like watching a swarm of piranhas take down a cow.